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Reviewed by Smurfette_Smurf 7

I went to see Raise Your Voice expecting the worst. What I left with was a lump in my throat and a sincere admiration for this young actress/singer Hilary Duff.<br/><br/>People are so hard on her and she just seems so unworthy of such criticism. Sure it&#39;s a squeaky clean Fame...and it&#39;s kinda cliché. But...the performances of Hilary as well as her supporting cast were honorable. This movie certainly doesn&#39;t deserve the bashing it&#39;s getting.<br/><br/>I was especially impressed with the young supporting cast including Kat Dennings, Johnny K. Lewis and Dana Davis. Not to mention John Corbett who by far was one of the greatest things in this film.<br/><br/>I cared...I cried...and when it was all over I honestly felt inspired.<br/><br/>I give this film a 6 out of 10...because it makes u care..it really does.

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Reviewed by ~AleXa~ 6

Hilary Duff stars as Terri Fletcher, a 16-year-old anxious to explore her musical talent at a performing arts academy in L.A. for the summer. After a little persuasion, she makes it there, and the movie is more or less about her exploits therein.<br/><br/>The film starts well; the Three Days Grace concert helps set the musical tone for the movie. That was an unexpected surprise, although I suppose I&#39;m partially biased since I like the band.<br/><br/>A beautiful performance by Hilary Duff. I am more and more impressed with her with every movie I see her in. She brought me to tears twice in the first twenty minutes of the movie. I was impressed by the colorful array of teens at the school, even if they were chosen primarily to make it believable that they&#39;re in L.A. I appreciated that none of the teens were written to fulfill any particular stereotype and all seemed like real people, for stereotypes are a sore spot for me, as my teen years were not all that long ago. <br/><br/>I loved the scenes with Denise playing the violin; again, very refreshing and stylistic. John Corbett turns in a innovative performance as a progressive music teacher, breathing a little more life into the film.<br/><br/>The direction really helps to further the movie along, as it is pretty anti-climatic. The &#39;unwanted kiss&#39; was a bit predictable, however an element of predictability is generally assumed in movies of this persuasion. The make-out scene was completely unnecessary and should&#39;ve been cut.<br/><br/>And it should be noted that the film is more or less like a Crossroads (2000) for a slightly younger generation, but despite that, it still maintains its own life.<br/><br/>I absolutely love the last song in the film?that was the perfect song for the theme of the movie. And I don&#39;t care what anyone says, Hilary Duff is a true performer, even if she isn&#39;t that great of a singer. She just always has this glow about her, and no matter how I feel, seeing her perform always makes me smile, and that&#39;s something to be commended.<br/><br/>VERDICT: Very enjoyable musical film despite its predictability. Recommended to anyone with kids, who&#39;s young at heart, who likes Hilary Duff, or just needs a good smile, but be forewarned?you might get a little teary-eyed before that smile reaches your lips.<br/><br/>6.5 out of 10.0

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Reviewed by lindscujo31 10

I thought this movie was amazing!A lot of people don&#39;t like Hillary movies but this one is worth seeing.There are parts that made me wanna cry and other parts made me laugh.I think this movie is really heart-warming so all girls should see it.Guys may like it too but I think it&#39;s more on the chick-flick side.The issues with Teri are very real and the movie is played out really well around them.I really enjoyed watching it.Even if you don&#39;t particularly like Hillary,you should still see it because this is one of her best movies.It&#39;s different than her other movies and she really shines in this.Oliver James is also very good in this movie along with the rest of the cast.

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