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Reviewed by Robin Cook 10/10

I rented this on DVD and am wondering why they took out the AdditionalScenes in the movie that are on the Special Features. I was hopingthere would be some interviews on the DVD, but alas, had to settle forjust the Additional Scenes.<br><br>This movie has typical Lifetime TV earmarks, but with a lot more togive. I was especially impressed with Miles Heizer in his role of theyoung boy. It is a good story that gives both character insight anglesof the victim and the accidental killer. I applaud the casting donehere. Kevin Bacon&#39;s role was perhaps the best choice to play thisparticularly difficult part, and he conveyed/portrayed it very well. Ican&#39;t think of any other actor who could have pulled it off.<br><br>The emotional dramas did cause me to pull out some hankies, but theydid not dwell on this content in an overdone fashion. I am weary ofmovies that linger on with many scenes of someone dying in bed ofcancer (which was not done at all in a great movie &quot;Who Will Love MyChildren&quot;), but they kept the IV drip bit scenes to a tolerableminimum. The tears were not associated so much to the cancer bit, butwas with how the story was put together ... very, very well done.<br><br>This young 14-year-old lad, Miles Heizer, is a gem and I really hope tosee more of him performing in more films. This movie I recommend whenyou&#39;re in an emotional mood of viewing pleasure. It&#39;s definitely worththe rental fee.

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Reviewed by bonimdb 8/10

I really liked this movie even though it made me cry so much that I hada headache. Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden and Miles Heizer made mebelieve that I was looking into their lives and Alison Eastwood&#39;sdirection clearly had something to do with that. The script however wasvery unbelievable. But then again, does it really matter? When I turnto movies, I want to escape reality because reality is not that great(at least mine isn&#39;t). I&#39;m not saying that I enjoy crying but I enjoy amovie that can bring me into their world and, for 100 or so minutes, Idid not, for one second, think of my world. So I, for one, will lookforward to seeing more from Alison Eastwood!

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Reviewed by LeroyBrown-2 6/10

I know very little of this movie until I saw it. All I know is thatit&#39;s about a railroad engineer and his wife who&#39;s suffering fromcancer. There&#39;s another element in the movie that I didn&#39;t know aboutuntil I saw the movie and it&#39;s about a young boy who has a troubledmother. Somehow the lives of the couple and the young boy wouldintersect literally and tragically. All this sounds like a melodramafrom the 1930s. And in many ways it is, but it also has a brutalfrankness in it that the 1930s movies didn&#39;t have. <br><br>The movie stars Kevin Bacon as the train engineer and his wife playedby Marcia Gay Harden, we could see that there&#39;s a riff in theirmarriage. He would much rather work than spend time with his wife eventhough his boss is telling him he could have some time off. She doesn&#39;tunderstand why he&#39;s being so distant. It&#39;s obvious he&#39;s burying himselfin work as she faces a dire future. This part of the movie is veryfrank as we see the despondency both have. <br><br>The other element in the movie is the boy played by Miles Heizer. Hehas a troubled mother, it&#39;s obvious he has become the adult in therelationship. He enters the engineer&#39;s world angrily and he blamed theengineer for the death of his mother. The engineer&#39;s wife would takepity on him and soon he finds himself staying with them. Somehow thetragedy that took the boy&#39;s mother would bring something that the boyhas never had and the couple thought they lost. <br><br>It&#39;s really a simple melodrama but it has a frankness in it that theywould never consider in the 1930s. One unforgettable scene is when shelooked at herself in the mirror and see the scar cancer has left andbreaks down, while he was on the other side of the door not knowingwhat to do. During one argument he blurts out angrily &quot;Because You hadcancer&quot;, it sounds as if he were angry at her. Obviously he&#39;s angry atthe disease for what it has taken away from him, the possibility ofchildren and now his wife. Also when the boy was crying out blaminghimself for the death of those he love. It&#39;s very honest and frank howchildren sometime blame themselves for things they do not understand.<br><br>Credit and blame goes to both the writer Mickey Levy and directorAllison Eastwood created a group of characters who are very complex andare facing difficult situations but then it spirals intosentimentality. The story of the engineer and his wife by itself ispowerful then add the story of the boy trying to go on with his lifeand understand what&#39;s going on would make the movie even more powerfulbut when the two story is combined it became too sentimental. <br><br>Miss Eastwood&#39;s directing style is very similar to that of her father,tell the story in a straightforward way and get out of the way of theactors, The acting is superb, it&#39;s obvious that both Mr. Bacon and MissHarden are very good actors but young Mr. Heizer proves too that he hastalent. He&#39;s definitely a young talent to keep an eye on. <br><br>All in all I think it&#39;s a good modern melodrama but with the franknessof modern times but then it spiraled into an almost shameless,unabashed treacle.

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