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Give anything time, doesn&#39;t matter who it is the internet is hating whether it&#39;s Justin Bieber or Amy Schumer or Uwe Boll, they get tired after a few years and their bitter hatred just turns into dust. Nothing was achieved by any of these self-adoring keyboard warriors but the behaviour still remains.<br/><br/>Raging Boll documents German director Uwe Boll&#39;s attempts to break into Hollywood, his upbringing and student years (turns out he&#39;s actually quite the movie buff) and his contempt for the masses of privileged millennials who take his lack of directing skill as some kind of personal attack.<br/><br/>Hollywood directors tend to put their tail between their legs and submit to their own toxic fanbases, giving more and more power unfortunately to anonymous internet haters, without any consideration into their own lack of intelligence when it comes to cinema.<br/><br/>Uwe put it best in this documentary, the internet haters hate him because he IS them, he reminds them too much of who they really are, basement-dwellers, best friend is a video game, virgin until the age of 27, the only difference is that Uwe for the most part fulfilled his dream of being a director. Sure, his movies may not be that good, but nothing Uwe has ever done or said has been anywhere near as pathetic as the general attitude of internet critics, the attitude that their time is so precious, that a bad movie that robs them of a couple of hours of their precious life has to be regarded as an act of terrorism. Film criticism used to be genuine and well thought-out until the internet came along.<br/><br/>I found the explorations of Uwe&#39;s early life pretty fascinating, I actually wanted the documentary to be about just that! But of course you cannot tell Uwe&#39;s story without telling of how he called out all the acne-ridden nerds he could and pummelled them in a boxing ring until they were reduced to a puking, pussified wreck on camera.<br/><br/>Great documentary. Super entertaining, surprisingly moving and times and a great watch for those curious about how Uwe got to where he got. That and watching these lowlife online critics get their faces smashed was hugely satisfying.<br/><br/>P.S. - I absolutely LOST it when Michael Pare showed up at Uwe&#39;s boxing match like his manager or coach or something. Apparently you don&#39;t get Uwe without Michael Pare.

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