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Reviewed by single-123 1

Jen and Sylvia Soska decided that for their fifth feature film, they would attempt to be the first filmmakers to remake a David Cronenberg film. In this particular case, his 1977 film, Rabid.<br/><br/>I sat through the world premiere of the film at the 2019 FrightFest Film Festival, and the result was witnessing one of the worst genre films of the year to hit the big screen, and more proof that often, remakes suck. Rabid was way worse than I expected it to be. I wanted to like it. I was hoping it would be good. But what a perplexing mess of a film! From the odd opening scene, to the smash-cut title card, to the out-of-place drone shot of a city, the red flags were already waving mere minutes in.<br/><br/>Rabid is way too long (one has to sit through about 35 minutes of eye-rolling before it sort of gets going), horribly shot and poorly lit . The tone is all over the map. The confusing narrative shines as the film doesn&#39;t know what it wants to be. I doubt Rabid&#39;s supposed to come off &quot;funny&quot; either - maybe unintentionally funny? If so, I&#39;m not laughing. But, it does. From silly hospital scenes, to cringe-worthy performances (if only the surgeon had a mustache to twirl on or the laughable bad fashion designer, Gunter) to the cat-walk shoot-out to a pointless third act which feels like there were plans for a substantial/ambitious sequence but it wound up scaled back for various reasons, and winds up feeling like it&#39;s tacked on.<br/><br/>I laughed out loud at a couple parts (especially the &quot;hey let&#39;s give homage to Dead Ringers&quot; because why not, don&#39;t we have to? Pointless). The Soskas are trying so hard to get validation from Cronenberg, that they forgot to focus on the film. Are we supposed to laugh at this? Was there someone responsible for continuity? Details? Editing? Yikes. The Soska sisters should be embarrassed.<br/><br/>If the Soska sisters spent the time on their craft as &quot;filmmakers&quot; as they do with their rabid (excuse the pun) fanbase, they might have had something coherent to write and produce about/with. But with each subsequent film since 2012&#39;s American Mary, the Soska sisters are proving they are really are a fluke. A one-hit wonder. Perhaps they should stick to game show hosting because they do have the personalities and a knack for that. All showmanship, no substance.<br/><br/>In the end, RABID winds up a five-million dollar dumpster fire (seriously, where did the money go??) and the first Cronenberg film to be infected with crappy remake labeling. The Soskas certainly achieved that with the film. Perhaps one day, someone else will come along and remake Cronenberg properly, because he&#39;s not off to a good start.

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Reviewed by mungflesh 4

Remaking a movie by a guy who was talented enough to create one of the great all-time remakes is ballsy and almost bound to fail. Rabid is close to being a good remake but has too many issues for my liking.<br/><br/>The story: a beautiful fashion designer has a life-changing accident and is doomed to a future of ugliness, unless she undergoes an experimental operation which has unforseen side-effects for her and the city around her ...<br/><br/>It&#39;s a cool premise, as was with the original but the pacing is way off. It takes too long to get off the ground and then when it does, lacks focus and seems to be telling two distinct stories rather than one, whereas Cronenberg&#39;s movie has a much sharper narrative.<br/><br/>There are a few grisly scenes but not immensly eye-opening for something that really should have people squirming.<br/><br/>The lead actress is good and, on the whole, the acting is solid but let down in a few places by some support roles. The editing could be a lot slicker; some scenes just felt dragged out and irrelevant.<br/><br/>I think it&#39;s worth checking out if you like the original but I&#39;d be surprised if many people hail this as a big success.

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Reviewed by Pairic 8

Rabid: A remake of the Cronenberg horror film. If anything this one is even more gruesome. When Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is horribly disfigured in a road accident we see every detail when the bandages come off. Rose goes for experimental stem cell treatment at an Institute run by Dr Burroughs (Ted Atherton) which has unexpected results. Rose develops a craving for blood and has strange nightmares about attacking and biting people. Burroughs is more of a Dr Moreau than a Dr Frankenstein and has a sinister agenda.<br/><br/>While Rose is vampiric her victims act like zombies, devouring the victims they don&#39;t just infect. Soon the city is being overrun by a plague of rabid biters. Funny scenes of a rabid Santa on the loose in a hospital and an arrogant womaniser encountering Rose. There is also a pretty good satire on the fashion industry and the facile nature of beauty and celebrity. Gory Horror/Comedy/Satire directed and written by Jen and Sylvia Soska. 8/10.

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