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I saw this film at the Jewish Film Festival in San Francisco. I thought it was hilarious and enjoyed it far more than I expected. I remembered David Steinberg from stand-up on Johnny Carson and the Smothers Brothers but my memories were vague. This film not only highlights David&#39;s personal story but also highlights excerpts from his comedy routines. I had forgotten how good his material was! Perhaps I didn&#39;t understand it all as a child but I certainly appreciate it now. <br/><br/>His significance in comedy history (and Carly Simon&#39;s music) was quite interesting. This is the kind of film that makes you want to tell your friends &quot;Did you know.....?&quot; They probably don&#39;t know many of the juicy tidbits you will learn in this documentary. If you like comedy and politics of the 1960&#39;s and 1970&#39;s, you will like this film...

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