Purity Falls


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Reviewed by phd_travel 7

Usually the girl is exploited for sex and has to be rescued. Here the guy is the victim. After losing their Father a family moves to Purity Falls. The 18 year old son gets roped into becoming a prostitute by his neighbourhood madam.<br/><br/>The acting is quite good. Kristanna Loken as mom is slim and fun to watch. Should see more of her. Olivia d&#39;abo is suitably madam like. Trevor Stines of Riverdale is the hapless boy.<br/><br/>Worth a watch.

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Reviewed by lorena-43339 2

Soap opera style plot and really bad acting. Only worth watching for the eye candy

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Reviewed by cahidi 5

The story was pretty straight forward, kind of boring if you&#39;ve watched drama a lot. Zero plot twist, nothing interesting happened that you couldn&#39;t have guessed. And the acting! Yikes! Kristanna Loken and Olivia d&#39;Abo could only saved so much, cause Trevor Stines&#39;s robotic acting was ruining the whole movie. I&#39;m not trying to be mean, but his acting was worse than Kristen Stewart in Twilight. I get that he&#39;s probably new, but can he like, take acting classes? Has he ever heard of facial expression? If you&#39;re a straight woman or a gay man, you&#39;ll enjoy watching this movie only because of the view, if you know what I mean.

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