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Reviewed by Mooveebuff_sahm 1

The movie, common Lifetime movie, was incredibly typical. And I've seen plenty of Lifetime films with loose pieces, unanswered questions, and far-fetched nonsense. But the ending on this one.. was perhaps the most anti-climactic that I've seen yet. I'm stuck between thinking... really? This woman was pure evil, has a record of murder, and yet is apparently really easy to foil. It was really just that easy? And then what? Any kind of ending is absent. Maybe it's the most realistic of any Lifetime movie... ohh whoops! Good guy won! even though that's every Lifetime movie that isn't based on a true story. But it rubbed me the wrong way and felt like there were a few pages of script and substance missing.

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Reviewed by guilfisherjr 1

One of the worst written hokum ever. And that goes with the acting as well. It seems our leading lady seems to be walking around in a dream even when she's sober. A real wimp of a performance. It was very hard to watch this movie. Very hard. Our evil nurse got away with everything she meant to do and it seems all her victims didn't have a clue. And if they did, they turned their back on her. Please. The husband's drunk scene, a couple of beers?, was a joke. His dopey wife slept through it all. Even when she woke up she was still a zombie. I won't mention names of cast in respect of their careers but I hope to not see their work again. And the writer must have knocked this off on a lazy afternoon. I felt bad for the director and gave it one star for his courage to make sense out of this loser.

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Reviewed by phd_travel 5

Starts off promising with a Hand That Rocks the Cradle thing going on. Nice house and pretty lead actress Lyndon Smith reminds of Lynn Collins when young. It's obvious what she is after as a nurse helping look after a boy with muscular dystrophy. She does the usual get rid of threats and weaken the wife things. Liked the part she pretends to be the wife's support group male friend online. The wife is a bit of a basket case even without her help. But the finale is weak and an anti climax.Sean Faris is a bit wasted as the silly husband.

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