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Reviewed by stylegamer 8

I must say I want&#39;s expecting much when i walked into this but had pleasant surprise, kept me decently glued to my seat for 2 hours !!..This is one of the most better sci fi movies I had watched so far this year ...<br/><br/>The premise is quite simple with the familiar concept of many psychological thriller movies like SAW FILMS (2004-2010) and The Cube (1997) : A group of strangers wake up on board an alien spaceship and must figure how to escape but with a good dosage of the &quot;Body Snatcher- Alien Mind Control&quot; films where somebody or something is taking over peoples minds one at a time....&quot;What is it? What can we do to get the heck out of here?&quot; type of story though..<br/><br/>Even though it&#39;s a technically a decent movie overall... the only drawback is that the story is slightly hard to follow and decipher.Overall a good watch and and one of the better movies in 2019. Worth giving two thumbs up to this low-budget sci fi horror ......Recommended watch!!

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Reviewed by andrewrye-06535 2

I really wish IMDB would screen reviewers. The other two either are friends of the actors or paid by the production company.<br/><br/>Bad acting, boring and snail pace movement with no direction. What else... bad writing, ridiculous special effects and just plain blahhhh.<br/><br/>It is mostly just a group of people (and yes, they know each other...mostly) with no acting skills talking with occasional flashback that made no sense. Difficult to follow and hard to watch. Also a bad version of the Matrix&#39;s Oracle (an obvious copy), and I&#39;m still trying to work out the &#39;Generals&#39; rank with staff sergeant stripes? pips changed from 3 to 1 during the movie, perhaps someone could enlighten me.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t waste your time, not even worthy of a B grade, a 2 because I was having a good day.

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Reviewed by 23stitches 1

Everything about this movie is not worth your time: the acting, the plot, the script, the effects.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t believe the first two reviews. Those reviewers are most likely directly involved with the movie. You are better off watching your fingernails grow. It&#39;s more entertaining.

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