Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous


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Reviewed by nya_m25 6

I don&#39;t quite understand why people get bent out of shape over this movie. If you go in thinking that it&#39;s going to be an accurate portrayal of the armed forces then you&#39;re just as dumb as you claim everyone in this movie to be. Come on people, it&#39;s a light hearted MOVIE. Last I checked in no way was this ever billed as anything other than what this movie is. <br/><br/>I am neither here nor there on any of Jessica&#39;s career moves but she played this bubbly character well. Whether that may be her playing a role or just being herself, may I ask the naysayers, why in the world do you care enough to be upset? It was not your job or duty to watch this movie so the choice to even consider watching the movie was all personal choice. But yet she&#39;s stupid and you bash her for the choice you made. The bottom line is simple, if you dislike her, if you&#39;re a gungho armed forces member, if you&#39;re all out bitter and pessimistic about everything then don&#39;t watch the movie. Don&#39;t be mad at the movie or actors because you chose to sit through an hour and a half of something you probably didn&#39;t care for to begin with.

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Reviewed by ana_kephra 6

While completely inaccurate in all the army experience Private Valentine shows, this is a cute and light hearted movie, good for watching with your girlfriends in a sleepover or with your family in a pleasant afternoon.<br/><br/>Not a movie to laugh out loud, not a movie with a romance to take your breath away, this is the kind of movie that makes you go &quot;awwww, how sweet&quot;. Which for me, is perfect!<br/><br/>The acting is good, the storyline is okay and it actually surprised my expectations considering the title, the cover and the casting. It was particularly good to see Keiko Agena again, I missed her after Gilmore Girls! <br/><br/>I recommend it to anyone who is not expecting a cinema masterpiece in every movie they watch, or who is easily offended by how movies don&#39;t show reality exactly the way it is. You might have a good time watching it!

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Reviewed by bugzsiegel04 6

This role is not a stretch for Ms. Simpson..she plays a down on her luck movie star who joins the army after a rough night and a bad breakup. The first twenty minutes of the movie are painful but it picks up once our main character joins the army. Cheri Oteri really shines in the film and she has some of the funniest scenes in the film. Keiko Agena, formerly of the Gilmore Girls, is totally under utilized and her comic potential is still untapped. Overall, this is predictable comedy that seems like a bad remake of &quot;Private Benjamin&quot;. In fact, if you want to see a funny film about a rich spoiled girl who joins the army you are better off with Goldie Hawn&#39;s classic 80&#39;s film than this cheesy flick.

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