Private Life


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Reviewed by meme-36137 8

Both the leads have such an endearing quality to them, their relationship seems so natural that you forget they are acting, the movie feels so real and makes the viewer become a part of the couple's life. Great acting, great writing on a couple's journey to become parents while holding on to their relationship. Simply endearing.

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Reviewed by hunter_m 7

Great actors and very appropriate casting of Giamatti and Hahn. I've loved this hysterical Katherine Hahn character ever since the series I Love Dick. Such a treat to see them together, and so natural! There really wasn't one moment where I felt like I was outside of the film looking in. It really captured (how I imagine!) this scenario to be, particularly the unsexiness of trying to get pregnant over and over. I also enjoyed the rebellious commentary from their niece on their art driven lifestyle, reminded me of crap I would've said in my first years at uni, haha. The focus on fertility, pregnancy, IVF cycles et al. can be a lil heavy and will probably deter the male audience (meh) but it is a film that I'd rather watch alone or with friends - not a date movie! Probably unrelated but something something like this actually happens in the film too...

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Reviewed by jessewriter 10

It is so rare for me to enjoy every single aspect of a film. The acting was superb. The writing was top shelf. Wonderful cast. Good sets. Enjoyable soundtrack. And I usually complain about two hours being too long but, in this case, I didn't mind at all and didn't want it to end. I don't remember when I've enjoyed a movie this much; there's so much junk out there. The only minor point I didn't like, and it's trivial, is putting a title on different scenes. Like a headline on a sub-text. I think I would've understood the transitions just fine without the titles.

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