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Reviewed by JF500 7

Now bear in mind the film is absolutely outrageous and messy at times, but overall it's executed in a fashion that takes me back to the good old days of insane action with dangerous animals running amuck wreaking havoc. As far as I'm concerned there's no better option than one of the most intensely wacky actors for the last 30 years in Nicolas Cage to front this film. We all know that he is in about 20 movies a year and that maybe one out of those 20 or even watchable because they're usually low budget VOD drivel but the man does always bring some sense of excitement to his roles. Primal is a prime example of cage returning to his 1990s action roots . The film has its many clichés but it also has some decent character intrigue and a pretty interesting setting on this ship With certain circumstances. It moves pretty consistently with bits and pieces of intensity and decent creature feature type thrills . The plot is pretty straightforward and doesn't exactly blow you away but for what it is it works . Some of the CGI is pretty shoddy but for the low budget I can let it pass. It's definitely a worthy watch for action aficionados and anyone that wants to sink their teeth into a film that belongs to the 90s glory days of the genre.

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Reviewed by TwistedContent 5

Nicolas Cage never fails to entertain &amp; nowadays it&#39;s quite easy to set the expectations for his newest pieces just right to get the max out of it. &quot;Primal&quot; is obviously flawed and sometimes quite silly, but it&#39;s all good and light fun that sets our beloved Nic Cage versus the uncaged.<br/><br/>&quot;Primal&quot; starts off in the jungle, introduces Frank Walsh as the thick-skinned, smart-mouthed, secretly-actually-a-good-guy hunter who&#39;s on a mission of getting his freshest catches (including a vicious one of a kind jaguar) shipped to the American zoos. In other words, characteristically, it&#39;s the type of character Cage enjoys and we enjoy it just as much, if not more. So, everybody gets on the ship, including and armada with a big-time prisoner &amp; all goes to hell in two days, making Cage take up a fight against the uncaged, which happen to be both animals and the main villain. The story&#39;s pretty straigtforward, but moves at a steady pace, at times barely, but managing to not cross the line of boredom. Among those parts there&#39;s some classic type of action sequences, some creature feature thrills &amp; a little bit of healthy Nic Cage comedy. Most of the characters are, well, cliche &amp; sometimes some of them do stupid things, but the quantity of the expendable characters compensates. Acting&#39;s either decent or okay-ish, besides Cage the next best thing was Kevin Durand as the villain. I&#39;m happy to say that visually &quot;Primal&quot; was a bit better than I was expecting from another VOD, the cinematography&#39;s very standard, but decent &amp; the fx were quite solid. The soundtrack &amp; original score was lacking and barely noticeable.<br/><br/>All in all it&#39;s undeniable that without Nic Cage &quot;Primal&quot; would be an even lesser movie, because if there&#39;s one thing I might remember from this flick is him and his line &quot;I got a real nice cage for you&quot;. While the movie itself is very average, I do recommend it strongly for all the Cage fans out there. My rating: 5/10.

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Reviewed by sebswales 10

Famke Jansson is in the movie. All i need to know. I&#39;m in!

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