Pretty Broken


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by dradamse 10

This film is quite simply an amazing example of what brilliant writing, directing and acting can achieve on a film that relies on a powerful, human interest story. Lindsay Lou and her family are at once endearing and compelling as individuals struggling to make sense out of tragedy. As a psychologist, I see the fallout from loss regularly in my practice and the way in which loved ones cope with it. Instead of accepting and grieving, we see Lindsay embark on a mission to make sure that she has done everything possible to find out her fathers' true fate. It's a mission that pulls you in deftly and you can't help but root for her. If you look deep into her character, what's revealed is a young woman who consciously acts on her beliefs but their is a subtle realization that she may be just coping with denial. It's okay though as Lindsay has to know that she has done what she could. I personally love films that rely on the strength of the story and don't really care for bells and whistles. 'Pretty Broken' is a warm , heartfelt film that very carefully navigates the issue of loss in a family that sooner or later every family deals with. Bravo!

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Reviewed by uthusantuhan 8

Sweet movie, like the ones French people made.<br/><br/>All in all, it is a sweet reality of life, that touch the heart. Like a cotton candy to a kid.<br/><br/>No satanic agenda and gay mind control. This movie landed good on my inner being.<br/><br/>Watch it! :)

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Reviewed by robertrand-41274 10

Don&#39;t listen to the trolls! I saw Pretty Broken awhile ago and it&#39;s a film that really resonated with me. What I love about this film is its realistic portrayal of loss and grief within a dysfunctional family. We all work through grief differently. Some ignore it and go on with their lives. Others refuse to acknowledge it because admitting it happened makes it real.<br/><br/>Jillian Clare really delivers a touching performance as Lindsey Lou. She will steal your heart! She is a real talent and I can&#39;t wait to see her in more.<br/><br/>Bottom line - You will laugh, you will cry and you will see yourself in these characters. This is not an adventure movie, so if you want high octane mountain action, go watch Cliffhanger. This is a family drama with heart!

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