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Reviewed by jaysaze 10/10

The movie 'Powder' is a return to innocence. It possesses a spiritualquality that opens the eyes to life. And it lends a soothing note tothose questions for which their seems to be more questions and fewanswers. Sean Patrick Flannery's performance was so powerful that onecould actually feel the unconditional love within the heart and soul ofthe character that he played. The concepts that were brought forward,the passion that came with every dramatic scene, and the sense ofrealism and truth made it one of the most thought provoking movies ofall time. Powder was not based on a true story, but it is, I feel,everybody's true story in some way, and it is as powerful, passionate,and inspirational as any true story I have ever seen. Some viewers maywish to begrudge the apparent perfection portrayed by the leadcharacter. However, his only perfection was the way he searched sodeep, often at great personal expense, for the suppressed perfection ineveryone, and the hidden perfection in everything. I was somewhatdisappointed by how the family quality of the movie was spoiled by theuse of language by the school bully. Still, a must see for anybody whoenjoys a thought provoking film once in a while. Even if you're aperson who would prefer to sit down with a good book, as am I, themovie 'Powder' is definitely worth your time. In conclusion: 'Powder'is one of my favourite movies of all time. Seconded, in my opinion,only to 'The Boondock Saints'; also starring Sean Patrick Flannery.

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Reviewed by thedork-2 7/10

I have taken in hand the constructive criticism of others about this film.I've noticed that most people don't like the film because of Salva'scriminal record. That's no reason to give it ill-repute.<br><br>The film itself is a little dodgy in parts and could have used some betteracting from some of its stars. Sean Patrick Flanery does an amazing job asJeremy Reed, and I believe he was well-suited for the part.<br><br>I didn't like Lance Henriksen's acting at all. I thought that the way heportrayed the character was a little too repetitive and boring. But thenagain, I don't care for him as an actor anyway. I think he's crotchety,annoying, and outdated; and the characters he chooses to play reminds meofthe acclaim that Robert Redford always gets - undeserved.<br><br>The film is about a young man who suffers a birth &quot;defect&quot; after hispregnant mother is struck by lightning and killed. OK, I can understandsomeof this. He is raised by grandparents who soon begin to fear him and showhim no emotion - not unlike his father. When his last grandparent dies heisleft alone for a short period of time before he is discovered by thepolice.Our main character is highly intelligent, scared, telekinetic, and has anelectric personality, not to mention he's an albino, too.<br><br>A social worker, Jessica, played by Mary Steenburgen is called to takeoverthe boy's case and he is placed in a group living situation in a home. Heisplaced with delinquents and abandoned children who have no respect forhim.I love Steenburgen and think she always does a good part in any film sheisin. She's a fine actress, and though she may not be classed as&quot;dazzlingly&quot;beautiful, her charms show through no matter what character she plays.She'sheart-warming, endearing, and always brings a good sense of love to afilm.<br><br>Those who say that Salva's sexual undertones are present in the film canbedismissed right away. I knew nothing of Salva's past when I watched thisfilm for the first time, and I noticed nothing out of the ordinary.Goldblum's character, who is a science teacher and befriends the boy, doesagood job of interacting with him. He's not molesting him or harming him byholding his hand and giving him a long-needed hug. If you're assuming thisshows sexual predators at work, I think you need to see the therapist, notSalva.<br><br>Also, the scene in which he is looking at another boy who is in the lockerroom is not about lust. He is longing to be able to do normal things thatothers do without being ridiculed. If you'll remember, it's the very nextscene where they tell him he's a freak who is as &quot;bald as a baby.&quot; He justwants to fit in, and it is at this point that I believe he realizes hedoesn't.<br><br>Overall, this film does bring a sense of wonder to the viewer. If you sitback and take it all in, Salva is showing us what might happen if we allstop judging one another and start accepting human beings for theiruniqueness. He's not trying to make you accept him for being a childpredator. He's showing the world that people are ALL different, and if wespent a little less time being so blocked and full of hate, we might cometorealize this and appreciate the aesthetic value of the humansoul.<br><br>I gave this film a 7 out of 10 because I didn't like Lance Henriksen'sperformance at all, I thought some of the characters could have comethroughin the end (Why didn't his love interest stand up for herself against herfather? Why were there loose strings here?), and I would have liked tohaveseen more &quot;after the fact&quot; wrap-ups when Jeremy becomes raw energy in thefilm's climax. Also, why in God's name does Powder have eyelashes if he isunable to grow hair? Huh? What? OK, so Sean does have pretty eyes, but,comeon!<br><br>On a side note, for those of you who think that the Deputy Sheriff'scharacter was a &quot;stereotypical&quot; cop character, giving the police a badname...I have relatives who are police in a small town like this one, andyou should hear THEM talk over the dinner table. It ISN'T muchdifferent.

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Reviewed by spookymarsh 10/10

A story that encapsulates where we as a race are heading for a very badoutcome indeed. As clearly stated in the film by Jeff Goldblum'scharacter, &quot; when technology surpasses humanity&quot;. We as a species arein severe danger and crisis over how we perceive what our lives aretruly about. We are losing our humanity by advancements in ourtechnology that serve only to relieve us of harnessing our one truepurpose that makes us unique within our humanity........Choice. Thefilm also shows that a pure and unique individual is not acceptedwithin those who are already lost of their own humanity. I find myselfrelating to 'powder' in many ways, albeit minus his physical and otherobvious electrical abilities. But I do understand his humanity andchoice to make humane decisions that do affect all of us. And hisfeeling of isolation and not 'fitting in' to his fellow kind. Hopefullyone day we can be at a point where our humanity will rise above ourtechnological demands, otherwise we are on a roller-coaster ride toself destruction. Good film,good message.

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