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Reviewed by gavin_andrews 1

Worst.film.ever Nothing more needs to be said. Aaron Carter is utterly repellent and the rest of the cast should fire their agents immediately. It really is a terrible terrible movie from beginning to end. I wish I could be more eloquent in describing the movies many (oh so many) flaws however I cant be bothered/get too angry to form proper sentences. <br/><br/>In short I absolutely hated everything about this movie and not in &quot;so bad its good&quot; kinda way...<br/><br/>It was unadulterated drek.<br/><br/>Gavin

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Reviewed by thornstar18 1

What really stood out to me about this movie was how little the plot made sense. So many characters were randomly introduced, it was like how I imagine Tommy Wiseau&#39;s &quot;THE ROOM&quot; would be re-envisioned for the Disney Channel set. We had the wise elderly couple who kept on hanging out where &quot;Jane&quot; worked, telling the same story about how &quot;soda&quot; brought them together, or Jane&#39;s Mom/Stepmom/random crying woman who would all show up at random times.<br/><br/>Aaron Carter&#39;s acting is definitely the highlight of this film: I actually looked forward to every scene he appeared in. The editing is painfully bad, with scene cuts that make no sense. The &quot;Jane&quot; character is really irritating, mooning about and moping about &quot;J.D. McQueen.&quot; The scenes with the &quot;Music Awards&quot; are more depressing than anything else. And the ending of this movie is surreal.

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Reviewed by mlchastings 1

The only people i would recommend this film to are both blind and deaf, although i&#39;m sure a sadomasochist would get a kick out of it. This film had nothing; no acting, terrible music, awful script- only the power to suck any happiness from your soul. You may be wondering by now why or even how i managed to sit through the full hour and a half of sheer inanity, and it is honestly a difficult concept for even myself. Firstly, i had to pace up and down as the film progressed as i found it extremely hard to get comfortable. Secondly, i only made it without gnawing off my own arm in order to have something to beat myself to death with by phoning friends for moral support when the plot became particularly slow. The problem was it became a matter of pride for me to finish it after the opening thirty minutes, and that was a fatal error on my behalf. I normally like films to leave you with something by the end, but all this did was take..... For the sake of your sanity do not watch this film.

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