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This film was truly unique. It mixes actors with non-actors in a way that doesn&#39;t seem so jarring as it typically does in indie films. The result in this one is a true feeling of a real family dynamic, where some family members ARE less polished, not as well spoken, and living different lives than our main characters. I think anyone who has ever been to a family reunion has felt that. It works to great effect in this film.<br/><br/>My only complain about the film is the lack of tangible conflict or action... I did wonder why I was watching these characters at this particular time in their lives, but in the end I really didn&#39;t care. I enjoyed &quot;hanging out&quot; with these people very much and the leads put forth outstanding performances without overshadowing the minor characters.<br/><br/>The film is a reminder of why we watch Indies.. they don&#39;t have to follow conventions of structure or even plot sometimes. I was glad I spent my 100 minutes here, and I think most people will too, especially if they enjoy the differences that indie cinema brings out in the form.

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