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Reviewed by GaryCXJk 9

Well, I liked Pokemon the first moment I saw the series... actually, after a few episodes. Anyways, after I saw the video clip &quot;Don&#39;t Say You Love Me&quot; (M2M), I wanted to see the movie.<br/><br/>Now, finally, after a few years and a DVD player later, I bought the movie, and I gotta tell ya, I regret it that I didn&#39;t see it in the cinemas... actually, I don&#39;t, because, well, I was &quot;too old&quot; for pokemon. That&#39;s the biggest bullpoo I ever heard. Well, sure, pokemon is mainly for young people, but I did enjoy the movie, for an 18 year old guy.<br/><br/>Well, back to the movie. The movie is great. I&#39;ve seen the movie in Dutch first (because I&#39;m used to the Dutch voices, and they sound better to me). The way Mewtwo&#39;s voice was used, it was as if Mewtwo was really in your head. But you&#39;ll need Dolby Surround for that experience. Also, the way the movie reffered back to the series, perfect. I mean, if you haven&#39;t seen the series, then that&#39;s okey, but don&#39;t look weird if you don&#39;t understand certain events and jokes and such.<br/><br/>The most unique thing is that this Pokemon movie really shows how much the Pokemon can care for their trainer. ** ENDING HINT ** You can mostly see it near the end of the movie.<br/><br/>Pokemon: The First Movie is probably the first movie that succeeded on following up their series successfull. It may not be a great movie, but it sure was fun to look at.

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Reviewed by Vasitor 10

Okay now, be honest. How many of you who rated this movie a &#39;1&#39; actually saw it? Probably none. Pokemon rule; yes, I will admit to being another 20 year old who enjoys pokemon; I went to see it with my 18 year old brother, too. It might be a little sappy with its message, but it&#39;s a lot of fun to watch, anyway. The best part of the movie is the final showdown between Mew and Mewtwo; not because of the battle, but because of the conversation: Mewtwo- &quot;Why do you run? Are you afraid to learn who is supreme?!&quot; Mew- &quot;Mew&quot; <br/><br/>If you&#39;ve rated this movie a one just because you think it&#39;s dumb or a bad influence on kids, I&#39;ve got three words for you.<br/><br/>&quot;Get over yourself&quot;

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Reviewed by Dragoneyed363 10

Although I am certainly not a fan of some of these animated fighting shows that are utterly ridiculous, in my opinion (i.e.: Naruto, Digimons and One Piece), Pokémon has always had a place in my heart, for some odd reason, and I really enjoyed this movie to the fullest extent. I had always hated some of the animated TV shows that came on television, more specifically Cartoon Network, except for a small amount, and Pokémon was one of the exceptions in the small amount. <br/><br/>Soon, when they came out with the movie, I was actually impatient to see it! It of course was some time ago when I was still somewhat little, but I would still be dying to see it if they made it nowadays and would be just as pumped up about it. When I did see it, I thought the film was true to the show and did an excellent job at conquering what it set out to do, and that was entertain fans and be fun all around! <br/><br/>It wasn&#39;t like any other kind of animated movie in it&#39;s genre, as many think it is just a run-of-the-mill letdown. I thought it had a really interesting theme and I was amazed at how they were able to pull off such an exciting and fun kids movie without destroying the originality of the TV show and without the use of lame jokes like toilet humor, though I mean, there were still some jokes and lines that could be considered extremely lame, unless you just accept it for what it&#39;s worth, which, I did, and without the use of inane &quot;curse&quot; words that parents would find insulting nowadays, if you understand what I mean. <br/><br/>Yes, there is fighting, which cancels out &quot;the heart and soul&quot; the show and movies try to set out, but still, in the end, it tells kids that fighting isn&#39;t the answer and kids eventually grow up knowing that Pokémon aren&#39;t real, so they shouldn&#39;t have to copy their actions. I say these things only because most critics condemn this film for those reasons. Oh well, Pokémon: The First Movie, I must say really isn&#39;t even the best of the Pokémon movies, it&#39;s actually my second favorite, but it was still very excellent and worth the time to watch with great battle sequences, superb characters and an effective plot and message. This film is great, people need to lighten up and enjoy it for what it was...

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