Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior


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Reviewed by carologletree 7

Back in 2009, I stopped watching Pokémon shortly before this movie came out and moved on to other things. I did it because of how the series was losing its steam and was not going to end anytime soon. Watching this movie for the first time recently reminds me of why. While not terrible, this is definitely one of the weaker entries in the series.<br/><br/>Shaymin is one of the if not the most annoying Pokémon ever. He totally got on my nerves. If he is the &quot;gratitude Pokemon&quot;, why was he so full of himself and such a jerk to Ash? The emotional &quot;goodbye&quot; at the end despite him and Ash&#39;s hate/hate relationship had me cringing.<br/><br/>Zero (that&#39;s the best name they could come up with?!) is one of the most boring, generic villains the series has to offer. He is mostly a rehash of the villain from &quot;Pokémon 2000.&quot; Even Vicious from &quot;Pokémon 4Ever&quot; was a more interesting villain than him. His motives were also pretty questionable. What is so great about ruling the reverse world?<br/><br/>I will admit, though, that the reverse world is really cool and interesting. It is such a creative setting, and they did some cool stuff with it. Giratina is one of the best and most &quot;legendary&quot; legendary Pokémon. However, the inclusion of Regigigas was totally unnecessary and added nothing to the story.<br/><br/>There are some good action sequences throughout, but nothing that truly stands out. The animation is really good, however, and I love &quot;It&#39;s a Beautiful World.&quot;<br/><br/>This isn&#39;t a bad movie, but it is brought down quite a bit by a generic villain and an annoying performance by Shaymin. It isn&#39;t really a waste of time, though, and it&#39;s certainly better than most of the later films. Recommended mainly to Pokémon fans.<br/><br/>RATING: C+

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