Playing with Fire


Comedy / Family

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Reviewed by timwainwright 6

It's not as bad as all the reviews on here say. It's a kids movie and my kids enjoyed it, that's all that really counts.

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Reviewed by JSLittlefieldOhio 10

Most critics are missing the point of this movie - it's not supposed to be a "Schindler's List." Yes there are cliches,but some of them are cleverly wrapped cliches of cliches. There's some stuff that gets too silly, unless your 7, at which point his reaction (my son) adds even more to the entertainment value of the movie.The bottom line is that my daughter, son and I went to the movie, had a great time. We've been quoting lines in the last couple of days and laughing at the memory, but we've also had some serious conversations about love and loss and family and taking care of each other - an experience far more valuable than the cost of the movie.

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Reviewed by beachy-38431 8

If anyone reviews it as an adult movie, that is their mistake.<br/><br/>There was no solid plot. It was mainly a bunch of funny scenes sewn together to make a plot. I saw two established actors I enjoy very much, Dennis Haysbert and Judy Greer. I was also introduced to another established actor I had not seen before, Keegan Michael Key. He was very funny. I would say he stole the movie. I was also introduced to a new actor, for whom I predict a bright career, if she stays with these &quot;good&quot; movies, Brianna Hildebrand.

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