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Reviewed by rdb1971 1

The main actress can not act at All.Her fake accent is a joke and i can not believe the director thought her using it was a good idea.The director also has some strange fetish of every time they show her up close the film does this slow mo effect that after seeing it once i started laughing hard but after seeing it fifty times through the film i no longer got a laugh.Danny Trejo was just taking a quick cash and run on this one. So avoid this film it is good for a laugh and that is about it.

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Reviewed by alex-1250 3

If you have an hour and a half to spend watching a reasonably attractive lady on the screen ,where she's talking and doing things then this movie definitely fits the bill.Also good as a background visuals/sound if you're doing something else.

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Reviewed by mzunah 1

Worst movie I watched bad acting weak story don't waste your time verrrrry bad

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