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Reviewed by biswashok 1

Ahhhh..its a slow movie.btw, it put me to sleep..so thanks for that.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 4

Americans Kevin Pollak and Ashley Tisdale play father and daughter in a Canadian production about an incredibly overprotective father who can&#39;t see anything else but daddy&#39;s little girl in front of him. Lots of fathers are like that, but Pollak has taken this to exponential heights.<br/><br/>Poor Ashley is also crushing out big time on the high school rich boy king Robie Amell. And that is getting his mean teen queen girl friend Cindy Busby, a witch if there ever was one all uptight. When Amell invites Ashley to his party, THE gathering of her high school, Busby declares war on Tisdale and fights real dirty.<br/><br/>I really could not buy Pollak as such an overprotective dad. Juveniles will probably like picture this, but adults will not think much of it. Adults over 18.

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Reviewed by brookenichole-98054 6

I used to watch this movie many times when I was little since Ashley Tisdale was in it. Without Ashely Tisdale this movie would have been awful. She brings so much light to the film and makes her character relatable. The other actors/actresses were entertaining. The best friends were great but the mean girls were pointless. I honestly thought they weren&#39;t needed for the movie. The dad was insane and made me lose my mind. He was so controlling that it went over the top. The love interest definitely needed some work but I really liked him.The performance in the middle of the movie was terrific and made me laugh. There&#39;s moments where it&#39;s super enjoyable and moments where it&#39;s super weird.Overall, it&#39;s fun and won&#39;t disappoint.

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