Picture Perfect


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.5


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Reviewed by Ruby Liang (ruby_fff) 7

A seemingly small movie yet it's beyond charming, it has heart. Don't dismiss this as an expanded version of the TV series Jennifer is in, she's what she is, yet she fits into this story so well, playing opposite Jay Mohr and Kevin Bacon, with Ileanna Douglas as her best friend and Olympia Dukakis as her mom ? it's Jennifer Aniston perfect. The heart may not be evident in the beginning, especially with Jennifer's central character, but hang in there, heart becomes more and more ever present as you follow the story closely. My appreciation for the nuances of this movie did not come deeper until I sat through it again on cable over the weekend. I remember I liked the movie in general and that Jay Mohr gave a very good performance ? he's just as becoming as Jennifer is. They do seem like a perfect pair. This could be a date movie: especially for a single young woman with career ambitions (here it is in advertising), who thinks she can be self-sufficient without any ties or warmth from others, including mom. It is very much a city woman movie. It is maybe for the 20 to 30 something's, yet there are lessons in loving that anyone can take away with. Essentially, it is about how we can take for granted the people around us and not realize the little things in life that are free and in abundance for us to receive and enjoy ? if we would only open our eyes, pause - truly listen, and let the heart do the rest. Trivia: There was a play on the movie title as it first appears and appears again. Ha! Have fun and enjoy.

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Reviewed by nz man 5

There is quite a bit of divergence here with the Imdb comments for this movie, which may reflect where people's hearts were at when they viewed it. This is not a block buster or Academy Awards winner, but I found it to be very enjoyable and certainly agree with all of the positive comments below. Actually, I was surprised how I liked it, since I am a 50 year old man and do not normally care for 'fluff movies'. The acting by Jennifer Aniston and John Mohr was very good, and the film gives an overall positive message for us all (Hollywood style, but it feels great). Watch it with someone you love, or if you have a warm romantic heart.

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Reviewed by rbverhoef ([email protected]) 6

Jennifer Aniston is not really her Rachel from Friends but she comes close in Picture Perfect as Cate. I like her in Friends and I think because of that I liked her in this film. The story is even more predictable than movies as Notting Hill and Addicted to love, but I did like it. It is simple, it makes you feel good, there's no real bad guy or girl, there is some chemistry and we all know it will end very happy. You can like Aniston here, or may be you don′t because she is too much Rachel. I liked her because she is. Kevin Bacon was a little disappointing in a role that might be too easy for him and you will like Jay Mohr. If you want to feel good and sleep with a nice feeling, you might want to watch this. 6/10.

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