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Reviewed by Chris_Docker 8

Pelican Blood is a small budget indie film that most certainly will not be to everyone&#39;s taste. It will require an exceedingly open mind to get involved with (rather than repelled by) the story, which concerns two teenagers that met on a suicide website – probably something like &#39;; Its sexually charged, unpredictable plot, and unravelling, testosterone-fuelled emotion, will give you a drug induced high as it rips your heart to shreds and offers you a few pieces for keepsakes.<br/><br/>This film is fast and funky and deadly serious, and massively flawed, yet just about succeeds in its difficult central premise. There is none of the arty at-a-distance feel of Sofia Coppola&#39;s The Virgin Suicides. There&#39;s no chance of treating it as an aesthetic exercise, intangible and distanced from any sense of close reality. Pelican Blood&#39;s protagonists are full-blooded, off-centre youngsters that are in a compulsive love affair, both with each other and the idea of their own eventual extinction. If you have ever been caught in a relationship that you know is &#39;wrong&#39; for you both but equally inescapable, you will have an idea of the obsessive love tantalisingly portrayed. If you were in their place, you can imagine feeling the same. A punchy soundtrack and attractive, highly competent young actors help to make Pelican Blood unsettling yet compulsive viewing.<br/><br/>Nikko survived a recent suicide attempt and narrowly avoided being sectioned. &quot;I once went out with a girl and we were both going to kill ourselves. Turns out one of us wasn&#39;t serious,&quot; he declares at the beginning of the movie. He used to self-harm, but gave it up by promising himself suicide - which &#39;sounds better, more real.&#39; He doesn&#39;t take medication as it &#39;turns him into a zombie.&#39; He can&#39;t bear the thought of going back in the loony bin – barely repressed tears convince us of his sincerity. Nikko&#39;s not &#39;nuts&#39; – he just doesn&#39;t want to live. Nothing against life - just that, &quot;If life doesn&#39;t work out for you then going through the motions is the biggest tragedy.&quot; He is a geek. His only outlet is birdwatching. Something he also does very seriously. Each sighting noted down with meticulous detail. When he gets to 500, he&#39;s promised himself the big treat. And he&#39;s at 498.<br/><br/>Stevie is a girl that any red-blooded man could fall in love with at 500 paces. It is only later that we discover that she is bi-polar and also suicidally fixated. (Which maybe helps explain why she&#39;s attracted to a no-hoper like Nikko.) Stevie&#39;s an extreme animal rights activist. Throwing protest paint-bombs from high buildings and with no safety rail gets her high. Nikko&#39;s pals call her &#39;the bipolar whack-job.&#39; (She calls his ornithology mates something even less repeatable.) His idea of a date is (quite unsurprisingly) going to a bird sanctuary. She almost has to beg him for a kiss (but he does eventually put his hand down her pants as she holds the binoculars). Stevie really couldn&#39;t care less about spotting birds - but she will happily go ballistic to thrash someone they catch stealing eggs. When Nikko and Stevie have sex, they enjoy &#39;suicide games&#39; for afters. Sharp blades or helium. They&#39;re in love and the chemistry is electric.<br/><br/>Pelican Blood is a fast and queasy affair bolstered by a good soundtrack and predictable (if none the less effective) montage and other standard teenflick formulae. Their love affair escalates from deep romance dance-y music to sombre black rock; and descending half tones to ratchet up the sentimental bonding while macho talk from Nikko&#39;s mates keeps the cheesiness at bay. This is a constantly unsteady balancing act and veers dangerously into becoming clichéd. I also found I couldn&#39;t quite hit ecstatic heights at seeing honey buzzard (number 499), even when its devotee is leaping through fields in slo-mo and a poetic voice-over extols the wonders of this rare flying biped. Needless to say, accidents will happen and things do not go smoothly for ill-fated lovers. It&#39;s not exactly Virginia Woolf and The Hours, but is the pain of illness any the less real if he&#39;s a buckle short of a straightjacket? The ending has a beautiful bitter-sweet twist and rescues the film from the seemingly inescapable nose-dive into a black hole. Too weird to be called a romcom, it will need some clever marketing to find packed cinemas.<br/><br/>If you think this film isn&#39;t going to work out for you, it probably won&#39;t and you should avoid it. But if you can handle sailing into unknown waters with a stellar young cast and a fearless director, go for it. And don&#39;t worry about the title – you can look that up afterwards.<br/><br/>ps an excellent soundtrack by the way. I hope they release it.

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Reviewed by ljreadyornot 8

I went to this film knowing nothing about it except that it had something to do with birds. However, I was blown away by it. Funny, romantic, thrilling and sexy. British films don&#39;t often do convincing sex scenes but this one has a couple that are genuinely erotic. Great, great soundtrack too. Plus, Harry Treadaway is a real find. I&#39;d seen him in &#39;City of Ember&#39; last year and thought he was good enough. But he really steps up here and delivers a very powerful performance. The rest of the cast do great work too. I&#39;d never seen Emma Booth in anything before and thought she was really engaging. Gorgeous too! I haven&#39;t heard anything about when this is getting released but it deserves attention.

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