Pearl in Paradise


Adventure / Comedy

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Reviewed by wolfamy-59732 9

I love all of the movies Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Paulou are in. Pairing them together was Awesome. One of my favorites.

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Reviewed by abcj-2 7

Thank you, Hallmark, for finally making a romcom worth recommending and definitely worth watching again. I am happy to say that this is a long time coming second movie that I've added to my Hallmark favorites list this year in addition to The Beach House which was a well done Hallmark Hall of Fame drama. Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner are two of my favorites in the Hallmark family and their chemistry and comic timing was spot on. The scenery was gorgeous while in Fiji again, but this was the first of the summer movies this year that had a well-written script instead of just relying on the exotic locations (which have definitely been a real treat all summer) to amp up the stories. Finally, it was just wonderful that there was no jealous, overbearing boyfriend showing up at the halfway point. This is still mostly predictable, but it's a fun, adventurous, romantic journey and my favorite Hallmark film this far!

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Reviewed by synnond 9

Okay, I know what to expect from these from these Hallmark movies. They are sweet, fun and heartwarming. You usually get what you expect. This one was slightly different. The two leads had wonderful chemistry and the story was very sweet. The adventure was fun. Yeah, I love Hallmark movies. They make me smile in a time when smiles don't come as easily as they used to. This one was really special and that is coming from someone who really is not as big of a fan of Hallmark Summer movies. I tend to love the Autumn and Christmas movies the best. This movie will be a rewatch for me most definitely

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