Patriot A Nation At War


Action / Thriller

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Reviewed by jimj40 1

It difficult to review this waste of electricity and time without reaching for my Dictionary of Pejoratives. The sound-track is perhaps the best part of it but it&#39;s still dire - think cats walking over a synthesiser programmed with every cheap piece of muzak imaginable. The story is less than juvenile, the acting and casting are just laughable, and the locations are low-budget beyond belief.<br/><br/>I rarely review movies that I couldn&#39;t bear to watch all the way through but I just had to warn anyone reading this that you really have got better things to do than subjecting yourself to this dross. Even the studio&#39;s paid shills won&#39;t dare to give this mess more than two stars if they have an ounce of honesty and humanity in them....

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Reviewed by Osmooms-201-517112 1

One can only assume that there must be huge 200% tax write-offs for spending money making dreck like this.OK, I get that it was probably made on a shoestring budget, but that doesn&#39;t mean the end product has to be just so appallingly bad. In ALL departments.The camera work suggests that the person behind it has spent a lot of time filming soapy episodes for daytime TV, with the earnest close-ups of the &quot;actors&quot;.The dialogue is stupendously bad, and so it fits the acting abilities of the cast to a tee. Very little action, mostly a talkfest, and what action there is is inept and unintentionally hilarious. Adversaries face off about 10 feet apart, firing machine guns at each other for what seems like an eon, but no one gets hit!!!Seriously, REALLY seriously, don&#39;t waste your time. I&#39;ve already regretted doing so.No &quot;spoilers&quot; above, it would be impossible to spoil this more than the producers have already done so.

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Reviewed by glepa 1

I sure have watched a lot of low budget movies in my time. But i didnt know there was a low low low budget movie category.But now i found it. I couldnt watch further than the first &quot;action&quot; segment as it had so bad effects that i was sure there had to be something wrong with my new tv....<br/><br/>Stay for god sake away from this move. Its time you never will get back.

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