Pacific Warriors


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Reviewed by tevagtpl 9

I really enjoyed this documentary, it had a very laid back Polynesian story telling feel to it. The segments where PIs (Pacific Islanders) gave their account of certain events always made me smile and sometimes outright laugh.<br/><br/>Despite the humor it showed the true struggles that PIs (Pacific Island) teams faced when competing at the Rugby World Cup. A segment in the Movie around the Paddy Power debacle which almost had the Tongan team kicked out of the World Cup showed the measures that these team had to go to generate some cash. I must admit It was funny while watching, but for the Tongan team the struggle was very real both financially and mentally. Needless to say both Samoa and Fiji faced same issues when it came to the Rugby World Cup.<br/><br/>I rate this Movie a 9. thoroughly enjoyed it.

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