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Reviewed by anhedonia 7/10

Writer-director Dylan Kidd's &quot;P.S.&quot; is funny, sweet and moving andbetter than most romantic-comedies these days.<br><br>Laura Linney's magnificent. Then again, when is she not? Let's face it,she, and not Julia Roberts, should have won the Best Actress Oscar for2000. Linney makes acting look so easy, a pleasure to watch.<br><br>In &quot;P.S.,&quot; Linney's Louise Harrington, a Columbia Universityadministrator who maintains a close relationship with her ex-husband,Peter (Gabriel Byrne). One day she's startled when she gets anapplication to the School of Visual Arts from a young artist named F.Scott Feinstadt. Her shock? Her late childhood sweetheart was an artistnamed Scott Feinstadt. Naturally, Louise wants to know more about theyoung applicant and what follows is a wonderful telling of the lengthsto which we go sometimes to rekindle old passions.<br><br>As captivating as Linney is in this film, Topher Grace, best known forhis playing Eric on TV's &quot;That '70s Show,&quot; turns in a performancethat's surprisingly good, filled with warmth, humor. This chap's got apromising career ahead of him. Grace's F. Scott has attitude to spareand Kidd uses him wisely. Our introduction to F. Scott is not what we'dnormally expect - a meet-cute or the initial interview at Columbia. No,the first time we're aware of F. Scott is through a telephone, whenLouise calls him up to ask for samples of his work. It's a deft touchby Kidd. It's a breezy, fun turn by Grace who imbues F. Scott withconfidence and a cavalier attitude that immediately lets us know whatkind of a person he is even before we see him.<br><br>Louise's transformation once she meets F. Scott showcases what a fineactress Linney is. There's this charming schoolgirlish giddiness aboutLouise. We watch as this mature woman feels the excitement of a newlove and it's something with which we're all familiar.<br><br>The film runs into problems when we're introduced to Louise's bestfriend, Missy (Marcia Gay Harden), a flirt who played a key role in theLouise-Scott relationship years before. I never quite bought Harden'srole and the Louise-Missy conflict isn't nearly as interesting aswatching Louise blossom into a sprightly woman with a tremendous crush.Her love affair is more enticing and funnier than a disagreement thatseems fabricated to give us some conflict.<br><br>Kidd doesn't fixate on whether F. Scott really is Louise's sweetheartreborn. It really doesn't matter. This film is about life's delightfulcoincidences. Sometimes, facts are stranger than fiction. So it'sirrelevant whether Kidd solves that mystery.<br><br>Kidd's direction here seems more assured than his debut film, &quot;RodgerDodger&quot; (2002). But his characters aren't as memorable and &quot;P.S.&quot; mightnot have moments you recall years later - I still remember the parkbench and party-crashing scenes from &quot;Rodger Dodger.&quot; But &quot;P.S.&quot; stillis an awfully good film with a fine ensemble cast. It could betightened; the film feels about five minutes too long. But that's aminor quibble.<br><br>This is yet another good film having difficulty getting released.&quot;P.S.&quot; isn't one of the great films of the year. But it's infinitelybetter than most of the movies in wide release right now. It has twooutstanding performances, plenty of genuinely good laughs and is anenchanting romantic-comedy that deserves to be seen by more people.

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Reviewed by noralee

&quot;P.S.&quot; continues the trend this year of movies and TV shows withaggressive older women attracted to geeky, barely post-adolescent boys. <br><br>While most of them come across as male fantasies, this one, based on anovel by Helen Schulman I haven't read yet for comparison, takes theviewpoint of the woman, to make her seem empowered. At least here wesee how she herself is still mired in her own Glory Days (just as themale lead in writer/director Dylan Kidd's previous film &quot;Roger Dodger&quot;was), through her memories, her relationships with her brother andmother, and with her ex, whose student she was (though theirrelationship is talkily given additional problems of lack of urgecontrol that seem unnecessarily complicated -- does Gabriel Byrne everplay a non-adulterous husband?). <br><br>Laura Linney is so good, however, that she portrays the character asstronger and making more sense than the situations or her continuingcompetition with her best friend, as played by Marcia Gay Hayden (and Icouldn't figure out when the friend was in New York or California).Hayden's character even defensively says at one point &quot;We're being justlike the boys.&quot; <br><br>Linney is particularly effective with chilling monologues, as shedissects life's disappointments in comparison to adolescent hopes anddreams, that her character has faced not only in her life but daily asa college admissions director. I do challenge as a cultural bias andthe character's hang-up the assumption that one is perfect at age 20,such that only the good die young. <br><br>While the plot is set in motion by a magic realism kind of coincidencethat seems reminiscent of sci-fi-ish films like &quot;Happy Accidents,&quot;&quot;Sliding Doors,&quot; or &quot;Me, Myself, I,&quot; let alone &quot;Vertigo,&quot; even thecharacters agree by the end that they've had enough of this mysticalstuff and that angle just gets dropped as they try to be real. <br><br>The film uses the Columbia University setting effectively and thesoundtrack and scoring are full of New York City musicians, includingYo Le Tengo, Martha Wainwright, Citizen Cope and cellist JaneScarpontoni.

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Reviewed by rockethenry 9/10

p.s.(lower case!) is the title of an fine independent film that castsLaura Linney as a thirty-something Columbia University School of FineArts admissions officer who gets into a relationship with an admissionscandidate played by Topher Grace, who is 15 or so years younger thanshe is. Their days together and the complications following make upthis film. There is an ex-husband, her mother on Long Island, herdifficult brother and the best friend from California (a show-stopperperformance by Marcia Gay Hardin)--all in there to complicate thestory. The film is fun, a good story, well-acted, a great star-turn byLaura Linney and more proof that Dylan Kidd is a fine director.<br><br>Special note should be made of Laura Linney and the exceptional nuancesshe brings to the character she plays. She shows that she has one ofthe best acting abilities out there today--a kind of intuitive abilityto inhabit a role from the inside and be free with it. Her chemistrywith Topher Grace was special, though it must be said that some of thisshould be credited to his abilities and auger well for his future infilm.<br><br>Any questions about Laura Linney, please return to You Can Count On Meand see it or see it again! Okay?

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