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Reviewed by sarah-m 3

This should have been made into a short film. It&#39;s an interesting theory; two people alone in the world find a book, and one follows it blindly, while the other one believes in survival. The acting is not very good. Maybe they didn&#39;t have a lot to work with. I&#39;m not sure what was going on with Leif. Is he supposed to be a boy, or is he a full grown naive man? Is this what people would be like when they&#39;ve never interacted with others? Unless you have two hours to kill and nothing better to watch, save yourself the agony.<br/><br/>Side note, this in NOT an Australian film. Oz refers to the Land of Oz, as in The Wizard of Oz. If you&#39;re reviewing this, and you think it&#39;s an Australian film, then you&#39;re about as smart as Leif....

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Reviewed by funfun-81092 8

A Beautiful film that evokes my favorite type of narratives. Micheal Williams delivers in this unique film. Great cinematography. I&#39;m a sucker for post-apocalyptic fiction and this one of the more unique entries into the genre. The two leads really nail it to. I strongly recommend it.

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Reviewed by jencollins56 10

A beautiful tale of people dealing with a dark and barren wasteland in post apocalyptic Earth. When a book about Oz is found one of them uses it to dream and hope for better things. The older of the the two looks at life through jaundiced eyes and hunts for the woman he wants to find and share his life. They see the same things but one through the emerald colored glasses of Oz with strange and exciting creatures and the other through eyes that can find nothing but fear and loss. The cinematography is beautiful with shots that show how very lovely and yet bleak their world is. I&#39;ll give nothing away but leave you to enjoy this film with fresh eyes and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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