Over the Moon in Love


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Reviewed by sce1843 7

I don't know what people are expecting on here. It's a Hallmark movie, not a Meryl Streep blockbuster. As always, it's pleasant and sweet and takes the mind off the daily drudgery of work, chores, and bills.

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Reviewed by rwl-95430 3

I'm a big Wes Brown fan but in my opinion Jessica Lowndes just is not very good. I see she wrote this movie. It doesn't help that Hallmark keeps rehashing these same themes. Some work better than other, this one doesn't. Since I'm not a big Jessica Lowndes fan I went into this very skeptical. I was right.

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Reviewed by LtlHippo 1

Miscast. Actors and storyline was boring. Makes good background noise.

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