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Reviewed by oldchuckles1984 1

Joseph Smith and his male followers were arrested because of their pedophile activities involving teenage girls which they added to their harem of multiple wives. This film makes us believe they were arrested in Liberty Jail because of religious intolerance. Totally fake. Historically, when the Mormons came to town Christian parents had to lock up their teenage daughters for safekeeping. As a result of taking multiple underage teenage wives, the Mormons were forced out of Missouri and settled into the untamed territory of Utah.

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Reviewed by trinaboice 8

IN A NUTSHELL:The movie begins in 1838 right after Joseph Smith and other religious leaders surrender to the Missouri Militia under threat of extermination and end up in Liberty Jail, a very ironic name for a prison with horrible conditions. Joseph and several other leaders in the church were held there for 155 days while members of the church outside the prison walls were terrorized by mobs. The film is based on actual recorded accounts.<br/><br/>Those who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will most likely be unfamiliar with this part of church history and the people involved in the telling of it. It&#39;s not the preachy movie you might be expecting but feels more like a Western with surprising heart.<br/><br/>TIPS FOR PARENTS:Kids might be bored quickly. So will some adults.Shooting with guns.Talk of mobs eager to kill people<br/><br/>THEMES:Blinded by hateJustice&quot;The loudest voice is that of public opinion.&quot; - Shawn StevensObeying the law vs. following your heartPerspective<br/><br/>THINGS I LIKED:Some beautifully artistic details with camera work by Jeremy Prusso and direction by Garrett Batty.I love Jasen Wade in any movie he does. He&#39;s always the best actor in any cast. In this film, he plays Samuel Tiller, the jailer, and it is from his point of view the story is uniquely told. You&#39;ve probably seen him in movies like 17 MIRACLES, SAINTS AND SOLDIERS: AIRBORNE CREED, THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE, although he has been in many more LDS films.I appreciated Corbin Allred&#39;s accurate portrayal of Porter Rockwell&#39;s high-pitched voice. Most people will recognize him from his roles in the movies THE SARATOV APPROACH and SAINTS and SOLDIERs AIRBORNE CREED. Did you know he was actually in the movie ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS ?The scene when the wives visited their husbands in Liberty Jail was very touching and even got me teary-eyed.I recently heard Carrie Wrigley speak and sing at BYU Education Week, so it was fun to see her in this movie, even for just a brief moment.The music is absolutely lovely, scored by Robert Allen Elliott.I always love it when information is shared with the audience at the end of the movie to explain what happened next with the real people portrayed in the film. I only wish more had been offered with this movie.The cast includes Larry Bagby, Adam Johnson, Corbin Allred, Brandon Ray Olive, Shawn Stevens, Brock Roberts, Cyrus Daniels, Eric Wood, Morgan Gunter, Carrie Wrigley, and the fantastic Jasen Wade.Emily Jacobson did a nice job with costume design. Sometimes period pieces can look more like costumes than authentic clothing to set the tone.I noticed that a Kickstarter fund was used to get this movie going. Isn&#39;t it amazing what can be done when we all pitch in?If you&#39;re a fan of GENTRI: The Gentlemen Trio, you&#39;ll love seeing Casey Elliott in the movie as Hyrum Smith.Sidney Rigdon is portrayed as a self-serving coward. In fact, many of these men held captive in Liberty Jail are not represented in the best light, like most LDS films usually do. Instead, the movie captures their lowest moments as they struggle with their faith. That is what makes this movie powerful, different, and insightful.<br/><br/>THINGS I DIDN&#39;T LIKE:Brandon Ray Olive did a fine job as Joseph Smith, although he looks less like the Mormon prophet than I&#39;ve ever seen in any other movie about him. He is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, but I&#39;m told he was very careful to portray Joseph with respect and kindness. You might have seen him before in LOGAN LUCKY, NCIS, CSI, or HBO&#39;s MOSAIC.Some movie-goers will hope for lots of action and may be disappointed that it&#39;s one of those &quot;talking&quot; movies.Lots of disgusting and humorous talk and display of feces.Some of the acting isn&#39;t very good.You can read the rest of my movie review at Movie Review Mom

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Reviewed by DAYStar3 5

Not all LDS historic movies should be embraced equally. The writers claim their script is based on history, but they severely minimize or outright ignore the most significant events and treasured outcomes of this crucible of growth for the prophet of the restoration. Joseph Smith is poorly cast and is without any significant leadership, spiritual or otherwise. There is a complete absence of spiritual comradery or priesthood dignity amongst those who are supposed to portray the leadership of the church. Where is the signing of hymns? Where is the power of the significant revelations between the Lord and his prophet? Where is Joseph rising in mighty authority to rebuke the guards? Instead, the entire storyline reduces these men to average prisoners who are obsessed to digging or strategizing their escape. In spite of some excellent acting by Corbin Allred as Porter Rockwell, Jason wade as jailer Sam Tillery and Brock Roberts as Sidney Rigdon, this movie misses the mark or is downright misleading about the significance of Liberty Jail in our history.

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