Our Godfather


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Reviewed by u-emoli 10

Excellent documentary about Tommaso Buscetta and his family. Very well put together, engaging and interesting to watch.

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Reviewed by moscalifar-68727 8

Just saw it, excellent i recomend it to anyone interested in Mafia history

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Reviewed by AudioFileZ 7

I'm 60 and I didn't know of this story. It is the one behind the prosecution of flagging Mafia at home and abroad whose new mantra involved drugs and a new take on the old Costra Nostra ways. The Godfather here may not have been known to you as he was not to me. His fall and turning makes a crucial point in the massive take-down of the organization. The costs were, as imagined, quite striking. This doc shows a good measure of the life of Thomas Bucetta (sp?) after he decides to cooperate with both Italian and American governments. The man paid a heavy cost as might be imagined. It is not wholly a horror story as he survives with all but two of his children until his death from health related problems. The simple adage comes to mind: "you play, you pay" in some of the worst ways. Like most criminal organizations who grow like an octopus's tentacles this one began to crumble from within. But, because of it's dark spread it continues in various factions and forms still haunting the remaining family members whose father did the one thing that is unforgettable. I found it fascinating as it does hit on the human costs of such a dark ride.

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