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Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6/10

Having stumbled upon &#x22;Osombie&#x22; by sheer luck, I decided to give it ago. We got Abraham Lincoln battling zombies and vampires this year, sowhy not also have a zombie Osama Bin Laden as well? I thought thismovie was going to be a comedy spoof, but it actually turned out to bea serious movie. So what is next this year? Saddam Zomsain? Anyway, themovie &#x22;Osombie&#x22; starts out with action and adrenaline right from thevery beginning and doesn&#x27;t let go before the end. This is a zombiemovie that steps out from other regular zombie movie, in terms of thestoryline and the fact that Osama Bin Laden is a zombie.<br><br>I enjoyed the movie, lots of action in it, and the action scenes werewell executed and looks good. But what really worked was the zombiemake-up. Lots of really nice detail here, and lots of great work on themake-up. The zombies looked really cool, and weren&#x27;t just people withtheir faces painted gray. And the blood and gore effects were cool aswell, lots of heads exploding all over.<br><br>The people cast for the roles were actually doing great jobs with theirgiven roles and characters. The acting was good and believable, comingoff nicely on the screen. People seemed to be enjoying what they werehired to do, and that showed off in their performances.<br><br>Now, there were some bad things about the movie as well, some flaws.For example, when did the American army allow their troopers to bringKatana swords with them into the incursion fields? And also, why didChip have to take off his jacket and shirt all the time? That was justso stupid, and not really how a soldier would act in a situation likethis. And to top it off, then suddenly there is a Katana trainingmontage video with Tomboy in the middle of it all, it came out ofnowhere and it made absolutely no sense. It was so lame.<br><br>But aside from these really stupid annoyances, then &#x22;Osombie&#x22; wasactually a rather entertaining movie. And if you are a zombieaficionado, like me, then you definitely owe it to yourself to check itout. It is well worth a watch. However, the storyline about Osama BinLaden as a zombie was a bit on the cheesy side though, but the actionand the zombies more than made it up for that silly approach.<br><br>Being a non-American I did find the movie to be somewhat thick onpro-Americanism, waging war on terrorists even when they have come backfrom the grave. But hey, it is a movie, meant for entertaining, notbeing a political broadcasting channel.

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Reviewed by Darren 6/10

I was a financial backer of this movie from its Kickstarter project,however I didn&#x27;t have any input into the movie or its development. Sowhat I write here is my own opinion.<br><br>I just wanted to say that without any preconceived ideas or thoughtsabout this movie I didn&#x27;t think this was too bad at all. For a smallbudget movie it certainly didn&#x27;t show the usual tell tale signs.<br><br>Camera work was excellent, the CGI and special effects were aboveaverage for what you would expect of a B grade flick.<br><br>Knowing that Eve Mauro (Dusty) was in this flick I was expecting to bespending a lot of time admiring her. However I was more impressed withDanielle Chuchran&#x27;s (Tomboy) performance... she has such a cute smile.<br><br>Give it a look, whilst you will probably think its not the best filmyou have ever seen, I&#x27;m pretty sure you wont think its the worsteither.

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Reviewed by stephoch 2/10

This movie was something I accidentally stumbled upon and had highhopes but was truly disappointed. While I enjoy Zombie and gore moviesas much as the other guy, I also appreciate some cinematic finessethrown in. Unfortunately Osombie tries to survive on a singleinteresting idea with flat characters and an even flatter story. <br><br>The movie itself is quickly summarized, Osama Bin Laden supposedly&#x22;alive&#x22; as a Zombie, guy goes to kill him, his sister goes after himand meets some soldiers along the way in a zombie- infestedAfghanistan. While this might be a lot of fun (think Dead Snow) it isnot since the action is poorly dramatized, you never really feel thatthere is any real threat coming from the zombs. Also none of thecharacters offer any particularly likable traits why you would root forthem.<br><br>Overall this movie was uninspired and while it had some nice CGIs andobviously some budget it really failed to create a story arc that wouldallow me to call this flick entertaining.

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