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Reviewed by brigid134 9

The dead parent trope might be overused for Disney movies but Onward doesn't make the mistakes of those movies. The siblings fight like siblings though out, not just at plot critical moments. Their single mom has a boyfriend who is not an evil stepparent trope, and their mom is actually proactive during the events of the film, but the adventure still belongs to the boys. I've been tired of plots that have parents oblivious to what their kids are doing. I came for the DnD references but I cried for the well-rounded characters.

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Reviewed by alffastar-261-288715 9

Doing a fulfilling movie for boys where the price of the quest is emotional wholeness and found love is a rare sight and not an easy task. Pixar succeeded by providing rich brotherly relationship, adventure, magic and finally love. It is much more a common message in movies for girls like Frozen, but I think that the magical combination of all the ingredients achieved by Pixar is important and entertaining at the same time. Wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone :)

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Reviewed by alexpitt-345-971699 9

I was excited going into Onward because Pixar are one of the only studios making movies today that consistently deliver. Not all of them are as great as some of their classics, but I have never had a bad experience watching a Pixar film and almost all of them are great. Some of them are down-right masterpieces.<br/><br/>Onward isn&#39;t a masterpiece, but it&#39;s close to being one. At the heart of the story are two brothers, voiced excellently by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Their voices brought to much energy to the characters, and the dynamic between the two of them was electrifying and engaging.<br/><br/>The overall story of Onward is nothing ground-breaking, but it is immensely entertaining and there was never a dull moment. This isn&#39;t my favourite Pixar film, but it&#39;s definitely up there. The musical score was heart-pounding and added to the tension in all the right places.<br/><br/>All of the characters, especially the two brothers, have a very significant arc in the film and it was a pure joy to watch on-screen. The ending is also the most emotional I have been in a Pixar film since the inferno scene at the end of Toy Story 3, almost a decade ago. When you understand what the actual message of the story is, behind the road-trip adventure they go on, it will move you and grab you by the heartstrings.<br/><br/>The pacing didn&#39;t always flow as well as I would have liked in the first act, and there were a couple of real-world elements which I had to suspend too much disbelief for, but overall this is an absolutely incredible film and I can&#39;t wait to see it again.<br/><br/>SCORE: 93%

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