One Under the Sun


Drama / Mystery

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Reviewed by DoNotTrustImdb 1

Here is another one of these films that is horrible but has a high score, 71% of voters scored it a 10! Will it win multiple Oscars? LOL not! Us longer term members on IMDb know that sadly ratings on IMDb have nothing to do with the truth, and any hope that we used to have on here via the forum part is a thing of the past, and makes me wonder what direction IMDb is going too, but back to this blockbuster (LOL), acting is horrible, camera work is done with a handy cam, the music stinks, with other words this film has nothing going for it. I can&#39;t really comment on the story line as I could only take about 30 minutes of this rubbish, don&#39;t waste your time on this as life is just to short.<br/><br/>I gave it a zero out of 10 and I am sure the score of 8.4 won&#39;t last!

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Reviewed by gman-05507 3

You cannot blame the writer for the movie being bad, but she contributed by writing a story that needed clarification at every step. Even the ending left the feeling that you wanted to read the original story because nothing was explained or resolved. Artsy films can leave you with different interpretation at the end but in this case it left without any interpretation. OK so much for the pretentious story but the director did not get any good acting from the actors?.i guess they were as much in the dark as we were on where this movie was going. Some movies can do a lot with little budget but this movie did not even bother to conceal that it was working on a low budget; the creepy government figures using cell phones to discuss top secret info. The super secure facility that looked like a common office building, the shoddy camera angles?.it all distracted from what was supposed to be a serious movie with a message from the stars. I tried to like the movie?I really did but the holes in the story, the poor acting and the low budget was too much to overlook.

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Reviewed by joshhanke 3

Don&#39;t believe the ratings on IMDb until they have had a few weeks to get the REAL ones. The bad movies in particular, routinely have fake reviewers, most likely involved in the movie making somehow. This movie was not good. Another horrible audio score that is incessant, and overbearing....too loud, and never ending. The acting was not natural...half the dialogue was the actors didn&#39;t remember how to be human once they got in front of the camera. Other than that, it&#39;s a good story, just not very well presented. I have always hated when a really good story gets ruined by bad film makers.<br/><br/>The three stars is generous.

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