One Starry Christmas


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Reviewed by bookandcandle 10

What a wonderful Christmas Hallmark movie. Great scenes, acting and western theme. The horseback riding made the movie even more exciting. And I especially love how Bull sang such a beautiful song. Someone should give him a singing contract. Keep making more of these joyful movies with love and happy endings. And thanks for keeping the music off when the actors are speaking, so one can hear every word clearly.<br/><br/>I loved this magical Hallmark movie and gave it a 10. I will watch this movie over and over. Every character was perfectly chosen, and I loved the respect for the parents. The parents were delightful in this movie. Wonder where Holly and Luke will live after they marry, since they both have jobs in different states.

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Reviewed by InitforREEL 10

I have been watching Hallmark movies for years and repeatedly, as I find that when you watch a movie more than once, you definitely catch something that you didn&#39;t initially. With that said, I recommend to any true Hallmark Movie fan that you watch &quot;One Starry Christmas&quot; it has become one of my favorites. For anyone who believes in following their dreams and trusting your instincts (as hard as that might be because we question ourselves too much), this is the movie for you. Sarah Carter and Damon Runyan do a wonderful job; they must both have believed in the characters they were portraying; otherwise, the roles of Holly and Luke wouldn&#39;t feel so real.

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Reviewed by bicbic724 5

Normal Hallmark Christmas movie fare, One Starry Christmas is definitely cheesy and sappy sweet. Sarah Carter is completely adorable as Holly, she really made the movie worth watching. Her character also has quite an enviable collection of winter coat/hat ensembles for a student! The singing cowboy bit was a tiny bit painful to watch, but any scene with Kathleen Laskey and Neil Crone as Holly&#39;s parents was just a hoot! I can relate to her Dad&#39;s running obsession with sweets.<br/><br/>This movie has it all. Romance, cowboys, humor, horses, and true love. To boot, it&#39;s also chock full of pretty winter wonderland scenes and city lights.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t think many Hallmark Christmas movies will ever win an acclaimed award, but they always manage to capture some of the magic of the season, and for me, that&#39;s enough.

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