One Night at McCool's


Comedy / Crime

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Reviewed by aksel.s.farstad 10

There is a lot of great things about this movie who is the best of it's kind since Very Bad Things. First of all I want to say that this director from Norway came out of the blue and made a very good movie. His name is Harald Zwart and now since he got more connections in Hollywood (Michael Douglas and he is good friends now) he will get more money to make more good movies in USA. Also I was surprised to find Andrew Silverstein in this movie. His real name is Andrew Clay Silverstein but he have been most famous for his comedian work as Andrew Dice Clay. Now he is in a double role as Utah and his brother who comes for revenge. Great performance. Very good entrance. Love this guy. Michael Douglas did a great role in this movie. Not to talk about sexy daughter of Aerosmith lead singer, Liv Tyler play this sexy temptress who is the reason of all the mess. For those who have not seen this movie or any other stuff From Harald. Check him up, he have come to stay and I guess he will be a big name in Hollywood soon.

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Reviewed by Fleadum 8

Do not understand the negative comments about this movie. Sure the concept about a deadly attractive woman trapping her men is not new, but it does work. The way this movie unfolded was original, told from the perspective of three men captivated by the lady in red. It is funny, and the ending is not disappointing.

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Reviewed by jessie-39 9

She is one of the sexiest actresses in the movies today and this is one of the funniest movies we have seen this year. It is of course a dumb movie, with a dumb plot. But it is hilarious. Kudos to Michael Douglas and the entire cast Paul Reiser is a riot, John Goodman is his usual terrific funny man and Matt Dillon looks like he had a great time. So to hell with the critics. It is a wonderfully fun time and what more can you ask for.

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