One Must Fall


Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by dougemz 10

One Must Fall is a delightfully twisted foray into the spectacularly creative universe that Antonio Pantoja is unfolding in front of us. The film is quite ambitious; it aims to achieve cult classic status, even going so far as to include a hilarious cameo with the legendary Lloyd Kaufman. Fortunately for us (and not so fortunately for one of his character's victims), Pantoja has excellent aim! The incredibly talented cast made me forget several times that I was watching a horror film and the character building was nothing short of phenomenal! Kudos to cast and crew for making One Must Fall an incredible film, a hilarious experience, and a bloody good time!!

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Reviewed by FmakerX 7

I was lucky enough to watch an advanced screening of the movie at a film festival and I was very surprised. I twisted, grimaced, and laughed to the very end. *Warning! This film does not hold back any punches. It's an intense watch. All the gruesomeness is shown the trailer. Great production value with a bit of an retro 80's feel. It's disturbingly graphic gore mixed with comedy, made it one of my favorite films of the festival. Great acting, solid direction, with wicked, practical MakeupFX, it's a fantastic accomplishment for an indie horror movie. Not sure when this film will be getting a wide release but when it does, be sure to check it out.

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Reviewed by airdevilsinn 10

I may be biased, because the bar scenes were filmed here. BUT really I am not!! I owned a video store for 12 years. I saw EVERY horror movie in those 12 years and horror movies before and after that! One Must Fall is in my top 5 of the scariest! The premise is something that I have never seen. That is why it was so scary. It was like Poltergeist in the way that it was revolutionary! It is suspenseful for the folks that want that and gory for the folks that want that. If you love horror movies you have to see this.

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