One Last Prayer


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Reviewed by michelegbsn 9

One Last Prayer is a great inspirational movie that the whole family can enjoy. The story is one that relates to many families and the problems they face from both internal and external conflicts. The story plot is well-rounded and the execution is well done, especially since it has been featured in the WorldFest Houston film festival screenings of 2017. Winning an award, I should add as well. Despite the transitions of scenes with sound to other scenes being spotty from time to time, the movie will certainly catch you in moments. I loved the musical score, and the devoted acting done by the leads and certain co-leads. This movie truly tells a story of what faith, hope, and prayer can do, helping the lead actor to beat the odds that he even creates against himself. If you are looking for a movie that keeps it PG while tackling serious issues that face many families in today's society, please see One Last Prayer. You might find yourself praying alongside the cast.

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Reviewed by ltthomas-61990 8

I loved the movie. It was very uplifting. I enjoyed watching fresh, new faces on the big screen. I loved the moral dilemma the main character faced. I loved the funny moments in the film. The young girl did an awesome job. For a faith-based film it wasn't preachy. The script was wee-written. Can't wait to see more from Myron Davis.

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Reviewed by roniquefletcher 9

One Last Prayer is one of those movies where if you walk-in in a bad mood you will leave with a whole new perspective on life. After leaving this film you will see and understand why it is good to have faith and understand that it is good to always be a good person no matter what. I truly loved this film and would definitely see it again.

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