On the Rocks


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by twaldworth 8

I really loved this film. The chemistry of Jones and Murray was a real driving force, and both characters were, to me at least, very well rounded, interesting and funny. I think it was shot beautifully, and all of the short scenes really conveyed the mundanity of her life, and the monotony of adulthood. I loved the semi redemption of Murray's character, with some people unable to forgive his actions, but his relationship with his daughter struggling through. I just found the whole thing very real, and affecting, and overall I loved it.

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Reviewed by agv-10651 5

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones work very well together but unfortunately the clichè ending really brought it down for me. There was great potential for a classic Father/Daughter dramedy but I think the studios must have demanded a typical happy ending which ruined the whole film.

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Reviewed by Seppe_VB 8

This is just fun. Don't expect any deep multi-layered story. It's just fun. I smiled from beginning to end. There's an old-hollywood love letter to NY vibe which is great. I'm done rambling on. Just watch it if you wanna have a good time.

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