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Reviewed by evelyne-8 9

I love romantic comedies and this film did not disappoint. Guy Pigden directed and acted in this very relatable rom-com. Alex struggles between two women and his yearning for how love should feel. This is a very well acted and written film. Shot beautifully in Aukland and London. I highly recommend this film.

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Reviewed by craig-ahrens 9

Well, this is flat out a terrific film. Actor/writer/director Guy Pigden does such a great job. Rarely (unless your name is Clint Eastwood) can anyone achieve what he has achieved. That being, wearing "3" hats! Besides the good acting and good story! This film wonderfully shot. It's so pleasing on the eye. Clearly from me, this film gets a solid thumbs up!!

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Reviewed by abbyrose-72509 10

Excellent film, beautifully shot and with a fantastic performance by Liesha Ward Knox, Pigden has really captured the feeling of being "older" than in your early twenties but still not being where you thought you would be in your early thirties. A must-see coming of age film.

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