Oceans: Our Blue Planet


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Reviewed by hryuk 9

Just what I want in IMAX - stunning visuals, sights I would not be able to see in person, great narration, some decent educational value.<br/><br/>What I liked the best, and somewhat unexpected, is lack of any &quot;extra&quot; fluff filling time - interviews, morals, speculation - stuff that is better suited to be read and has no place on big screen.

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Reviewed by joelfahey 6

Saw at Science Center w/ wife in 3D. Pretty basic theme, is definitely focused on visuals. They are amazing in 3D on giant screen

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Reviewed by cumnersr 9

The outstanding wildlife footage that we have come to expect from David Attenborough BBC TV series is evident in abundance in this underwater adventure that explores ocean habitats ranging from the depths of the Antarctic to the shallows of warm tropical reefs. The good science It contains will be understood by all ages. While being impressed visually, and being endeared and educated by the stories told, we are also made aware of the vital importance of the oceans that make up 70% of our blue planet. Their health is vital to all life on Earth from acting as a food source to providing over half the oxygen that we breathe. We are urged to take more care of our oceans. The BBC&#39;s Blue Planet II series is an excellent companion to this film.

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