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Reviewed by jojomcheyazsong 10

There is just something about this movie that makes it so great. There&#39;s nothing truly outstanding about any one aspect of the movie; nothing that will blow you away. However, everything is put together perfectly.<br/><br/>Personally, I have a theory that any movie that absolutely blows you away the first time you see it, will lose its entertainment value very quickly. Not necessarily because the movie was not good, but because it just seems to get old too fast. This is NOT one of those movies.<br/><br/>This is the kind of movie that will be enjoyed countless times. The dialogue is slick, and always to the point. There are few (if any) overdone scenes and/or lines that tend to become annoying over time.<br/><br/>This movie flows exceptionally well. Personally, I couldn&#39;t quite figure out why until I watched the &quot;behind the scenes&quot; footage on the DVD. I didn&#39;t really notice all of the work they put into using as few shots as possible. The extra features on the DVD really explain it all. Almost every scene uses considerably less shots than you would think it takes to convey all of the activity going on. The music punctuates the flow of the movie and the shots extremely well.<br/><br/>The cast is almost all big names. It&#39;s great to see actors like Pitt and Clooney and Damon come together in a movie and interact so well, without having to be the pretty boys or bad-ass heroes of the movie.

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Reviewed by blanche-2 8

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Elliot Gould, Carl Reiner, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Shaobo Qin, Miguel Perez, and Livingston Dell make up &quot;Ocean&#39;s Eleven,&quot; a 2001 film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film also stars Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. This is a remake of the rat pack &quot;Ocean&#39;s Eleven,&quot; which I&#39;ve never seen so I can&#39;t make comparisons. I suspect that this version has more emphasis on plot and the older one has more emphasis on the pack.<br/><br/>The mastermind of a plot to rob Las Vegas&#39; Bellaggio Hotel vault of $160 million is Danny Ocean, a very recent ex-con who had lots of time on his hands in prison to plan it. With the help of his buddy, Rusty Ryan (Pitt) he recruits 9 people who specialize in a particular expertise to carry out the elaborate heist. Problems come in when Ocean, obsessed with his ex-wife (Roberts), approaches her, to the annoyance of her present boyfriend, the owner of the hotel, Terry Benedict (Garcia). He &quot;makes&quot; Danny by sending out a bulletin with Danny&#39;s photo to the hotel staff, which puts him out of his own plot at the insistence of Rusty. But Danny isn&#39;t one to exit easily, in either marriage or robberies.<br/><br/>This is a fast-paced, tension-filled, exciting movie that&#39;s highly entertaining. The plot is completely improbable so you have to take it for what it is - fantastic fun. And you never know whether something is going wrong or if it&#39;s part of the plan. The chemistry between the actors, particularly Clooney and Pitt, is great, and there is some wonderful acting. Clooney is solid as Ocean, a passionate man of quiet determination; Damon is terrific as an insecure participant; Don Cheadle, sporting a Cockney accent, is hilarious as an explosives expert; Elliot Gould is outrageous as their financial backer; Carl Reiner is excellent as an older con man who can do accents. Just as they all contribute their different talents to the heist, they do so in this movie. This includes the acting in the smaller roles played by Bernie Mac et al - everyone is perfect. Andy Garcia is fabulous as Benedict - both elegant and scary, he whispers instead of shouts and stays in control for the most part. Megastar Roberts is wasted - she doesn&#39;t have much to do.Any actress could have done the role, but I guess the producers wanted an all-star cast.<br/><br/>Highly recommended for blockbuster entertainment value and star power. Just don&#39;t look for it to be realistic.

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Reviewed by Jenny Ho 8

What a tasty prospect for a film: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and for the young at heart amongst us, Joshua Jackson of &#39;Dawson&#39;s Creek&#39; fame in a cameo role -all directed by the Oscar winning Steven Soderbergh!<br/><br/>George Clooney plays Danny Ocean who soon after being released from prison, puts together a team of eleven to undertake a robbery of the three biggest casinos in Las Vegas in an attempt to bring in a reward of $150 million. What soon becomes clear is that it&#39;s not the money which will give Danny the ultimate satisfaction, but the opportunity to get revenge on the owner of the three casinos he is robbing -Benedict (Andy Garcia) who just happens to be the new beau of Danny&#39;s ex, Tess (Julia Roberts).<br/><br/>Some of the gang of eleven are more memorable than others -especially the Chinese acrobat, the explosives expert with a dodgy cockney accent and the medallion wearing Reuben -aka Monica Gellar&#39;s dad! The cast are brilliant at acting cool -even if all Brad Pitt is doing is snacking on the screen (he does this a lot!), you are still transfixed by him because he looks so good on screen.<br/><br/>What makes the story so intriguing is the fact that Danny&#39;s mission seems so impossible: security in the casinos is paramount and the route to the reward is littered with obstacles. The number of close calls that the gang is faced with is great fun and one can&#39;t help but root for these crooks throughout the film. It is also refreshing to watch a film which is dominated by male stars and is not filled with macho swearing. Instead, we have a banter between the stars which is indicative of their camaraderie.<br/><br/>&#39;Ocean&#39;s Eleven&#39; is a welcome option in the choice of movies available at the moment which is dominated by Oscar nominees that are not going to be everyone&#39;s cup of tea. With this film, it&#39;s simply a case of sit back and enjoy the fun!

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