Now and Then


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Reviewed by vmcdavidson 7

In this coming-of-age story set in both the 1970s and 1990s, the younger cast is brilliant and natural, particularly Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffmann. The script soars with female teenage humor, friendship, and pre-puberty naivete -- a sprightly soundtrack of 70s tunes takes older viewers down memory lane. But then, just when the story about four best friends during summer vacation in a new housing development is clipping along at a compelling pace, SLAM! The film jumps forward 20 years and the girls are grown-ups. And at these points, the movie groans along like a garbage disposal with too many potato peels crammed in it.<br/><br/>Remarkably, the dismal acting of these veteran actresses isn&#39;t as bad as the lack-luster script during these &quot;flash-fronts&quot;. Were there separate writers for this film? I usually adore Rosie O&#39;Donnell, but casting her as the grown Roberta was a horrible choice. Demi Moore&#39;s character is now self-absorbed and self-pitying, and Melanie Griffin (super-famous actress) and Rita Wilson (pregnant homemaker) are insipid caricatures. None of these women are one-quarter as interesting or delightful as they were when they were adolescents, particularly Roberta (Ricci/O&#39;Donnell). The film&#39;s flipping back and forth between the decades becomes quickly annoying.<br/><br/>Suggestion: Rent the video, and fast-forward through the adult stuff. Fast-forwarding the tape won&#39;t rob anyone of the film&#39;s message (something like &quot;friendship is forever,&quot; or &quot;don&#39;t go into cemeteries at night&quot;), and it&#39;ll save you about 30 minutes of fidgeting, waiting for the film to turn back to the four girls. At least they have fun. And the treehouse they save up to buy is every girl&#39;s idea of truly cool!

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Reviewed by Darkest_Rose 7

Now and Then used to be my favorite movie when I was younger and it still remains one of my favorites. It&#39;s about four friends that have made a pact when they were younger that if one of them ever needed each other they would be there. Now that time has come. Chrissy( Rita Wilson) is about to deliver a child and she wants her friends to be there. Roberta( Rosie O&#39;Donnell), Teeny( Melanie Griffith) and Samantha(Demi Moore) have all arrived and are about to reunite again. While all this is happening, Samantha is telling the story of their childhood and how their friendship began. In the younger days, samantha is played by Gaby Hoffmann, Roberta by Christina Ricci, Teeny by Thora Birch and Chrissy is being played by Ashleigh Aston Moore. This movie is absolutely wonderful, it puts me in such a great mood. The story is just so great, i could watch the movie all over again.It makes you think that real friends do exist. I would give Now And Then 10/10

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Reviewed by David, Film Freak 7

&#39;Now And Then&#39; is about a group of women who return to their old treehouse and reminisce about the one summer that truly changed their lives...<br/><br/>With an all star cast, &#39;Now And Then&#39; features Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, Rita Wilson and Rosie O&#39;Donnell, with Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffman, Ashleigh Aston Moore and Christina Ricci playing their younger counterparts.<br/><br/>Teen star Christina Ricci (&#39;Casper&#39;, &#39;The Adams Family&#39;) is great - as is Ricci&#39;s &#39;Gold Diggers&#39; co-star, Ashleigh Aston Moore - as the mis-informed Chrissy. Bonnie Hunt (&#39;Jumangi&#39;) and Devon Sawa (&#39;Wild America&#39;) also star.<br/><br/>The story is great - plenty of laughs to be had here, with sad moments, too. The acting is A-Grade (the young girls look very promising) and the finished product is a film all the cast should be proud of.

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