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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6

Initially when I sat down to watch the 2019 movie &quot;Notzilla&quot; I was a little bit hesitant. But since I hadn&#39;t seen it, nor even heard about it, I ended up watching it. I do like watching new movies after all.<br/><br/>This is not a top of the line with the latest and greatest of special effects and CGI. By no means.<br/><br/>Turns out that &quot;Notzilla&quot; was a nice surprise of a movie. Now, this is a spoof on the classic Japanese &quot;Godzilla&quot; movies, no doubt about it. Writer and director Mitch Teemley had managed to put together a storyline that was equal parts spoof and equal parts tribute to the old styled Japanese classics. And that was definitely something that was enjoyable.<br/><br/>From the in-your-face-obvious toy cars and fake scenery to the monsters whom are just people in rubber suits - it was all there. And it was all so very enjoyable. I must admit that I was more than entertained by &quot;Notzilla&quot;.<br/><br/>The storyline was actually enjoyable and good, and it was very reminiscent of the style seen in the old classic &quot;Godzilla&quot; movies. And that most certainly attributed to the overall enjoyment of the movie.<br/><br/>They also had put together a good ensemble of casted actors and actresses to portray the various roles in the movie. I wasn&#39;t familiar with the cast, so that was enjoyable for me.<br/><br/>The effects in &quot;Notzilla&quot; were not multi-million dollar effects as seen in Hollywood movies. No, they were very true to the effects you would see in the old classic Japanese &quot;Godzilla&quot; movies, and the special effects team really pulled that off very well and very nicely. And of course I must comment on the Notzilla creature itself; it was very loveable, and I just loved the zipper in the front that were made no effort to hide, it was just brilliant. And the fact that he guzzled beer like there was no tomorrow, another great concept for the movie.<br/><br/>I can warmly recommend &quot;Notzilla&quot;, especially if you enjoy the often goofy and campy old classic Japanese &quot;Godzilla&quot; movies. Thumbs up to writer and director Mitch Teemley for this movie.<br/><br/>My rating of &quot;Notzilla&quot; is a six out of ten stars.

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Reviewed by parksodamfan 5

The premise of Notzilla is nothing original, it sets to spoof the long tradition of Japanese monsters, namely Godzilla. What sets this film apart is that despite the infinite spoofs of Godzilla films in the past, their hasn&#39;t really been a full length one. (Well technically that&#39;s not true, there are films like Death Kappa and the X from Outer Space Strikes Back. In retrospect many of the films it attempts to parody are already parodies in an of themselves). Notzilla doesn&#39;t really do anything different then your average episode of MST3K does.<br/><br/>The main issue that Notzilla has is it&#39;s length. The jokes and humor becomes constantly repetitive. This is a genre that has always been mocked and derided so you really have to be inventive in developing some original jokes. Add to that a copious amount of flatulence humor and it runs itself a bit thin. It can fill up a short, but not necessarily a feature length film.<br/><br/>The effects are nice and charming, though they are unfortunately more reminiscent of Full Moon projects like Zarkor or Kraa. They lack the campy artistry of the old Godzilla flicks, or even the silly creativity of the Gamera films, but for what it sets out to accomplish, it works. It&#39;s more of a parody of what general audiences picture old Godzilla movies to be, rather than taking a deconstructionist approach.<br/><br/>If one is looking for an intelligent parody that takes apart the genre and flip some tropes then this won&#39;t really satisfy. There are definitely some laughs to be had but the end result is a little hit and miss.

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Reviewed by kbyrd08 9

This is classic Police Squad type of humor and the camera work felt like classic 50s/60s monster movie style. Three of us watched this today by accident and couldnt turn it off. My 8 year old girl, 48 year old wife and myself (50s) all truly enjoyed it and it&#39;s clean campy style. Keep in mind this is a godzilla parody and not On the Waterfront(1958)- If you dont take it and yourself too seriously you should find this quite entertaining!

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