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Reviewed by HalBanksy 6

A quite charming look back at the careers of four legendary British actresses. Joan Plowright makes the most poignant comments - but often felt at a distance from the others (this was mostly down to her impaired sight and hearing though.) Eileen Atkins is chirpy, and comes up with a few witty quips. The film is surprisingly funny and irreverent.<br/><br/>Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are definitely the highlight. Truly vivacious women, and their friendship is obviously genuine. They seem to be always reminiscing some old private joke, which is kept a secret from the audience. Mischievous smiles and knowing glances constantly shared - a better documentary could likely be made by just focusing on them.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a good idea for a film - and perhaps could be revisited with other &quot;acting Dames.&quot; Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg, Julie Walters, etc. The great Vanessa Redgrave ( who makes a fleeting appearance here in archival footage) would have been an interesting addition to the conversation - although she did of course refuse the offer of a damehood.<br/><br/>The film lacked in some places. The topic of conversation was all a bit dainty. Surely these four women must have experienced a lot over such great careers - so it&#39;s a shame the opportunity for serious discussion was missed. Far too much time was spent fawning over Laurence Olivier. It&#39;s understandable he should come up (having worked with all four women, and been married to one of them) but this got a bit tiring after a while. Overall, I enjoyed the film but really expected a more thoughtful or contemplative look at the life of an actress. Perhaps more direct questioning or moderation would have got more out of the Dames.

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Reviewed by wkkl13 9

The film was exquisite. So rich in content, though there was no script. The dames were not disappointing and spoke candidly of their past experiences. At times, it touched on a bit of sadness due to the way things have led on, but in the end, it&#39;s about these marvellous women sharing their life with us.

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Reviewed by tm-sheehan 8

I was amazed to see our local Katoomba cinema showing a movie that wasn&#39;t an Action or rom com box office cash ringer so of course we trotted off to Tea With the Dames, how could we resist?Anyone who loves great acting on stage or film and intelligent conversation should enjoy this documentary and rare look at actors of this caliber. The sort of afternoon tea I&#39;d include on my wish list of when I get to heaven if there is such a place, would include two more Dames Julie Andrews and Dame Elizabeth Taylor.Four great ladies of the stage and obviously great friends reminiscing about life, love and performances that span over 6 decades and thankfully have been preserved forever as shown in the many fascinating clips and interspersed with the humorous sometimes revealing conversation we are invited to be part of.Young performers should see it as it shows fame in film or theatre has to be earned , it&#39;s not all awards and acclaim and most importantly it&#39;s much more than just being pretty or handsome and the flavour of the month which can turn bitter unless the talent is real and the dedication to adapt and change with the times , whatever medium stage ,film or television is permanent.

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