Not Another Sci-Fi Movie


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Reviewed by mdailey1966 1

This movie is so bad that it&#39;s worth watching, but it might be painful to some. I have to believe that the acting is deliberately terrible. I&#39;ve literally seen better acting in pornos. I mean I&#39;ve heard other people describe the acting in pornos and it sounded better than this movie. I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve ever seen a student film before, but I have to believe that they are better than this movie. It really is so bad that people should watch it so they can recalibrate their baselines for 1 * ratings.<br/><br/>There actually are some pretty good jokes, but the acting is so bad that the delivery is ruined. There are a few decent physical gags, but the dialog is flat so you might not even partially chuckle.<br/><br/>The two main chick characters are cute so there&#39;s that, but, unfortunately their acting is as bad as the dudes&#39; acting.<br/><br/>Again, this movie is worth watching because it&#39;s so horrible.

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