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Reviewed by mdailey1966 1

This movie is so bad that it&#39;s worth watching, but it might be painful to some. I have to believe that the acting is deliberately terrible. I&#39;ve literally seen better acting in pornos. I mean I&#39;ve heard other people describe the acting in pornos and it sounded better than this movie. I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve ever seen a student film before, but I have to believe that they are better than this movie. It really is so bad that people should watch it so they can recalibrate their baselines for 1 * ratings.<br/><br/>There actually are some pretty good jokes, but the acting is so bad that the delivery is ruined. There are a few decent physical gags, but the dialog is flat so you might not even partially chuckle.<br/><br/>The two main chick characters are cute so there&#39;s that, but, unfortunately their acting is as bad as the dudes&#39; acting.<br/><br/>Again, this movie is worth watching because it&#39;s so horrible.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3

Granted, given this 2013 comedy movie&#39;s rating on IMDb, perhaps I should have taken heed and maybe steered clear of the movie all together. But still, I hadn&#39;t already seen the movie, and with the title it had, &quot;Not Another Sci-Fi Movie&quot;, I thought maybe it could be a fun enough spoof like many other spoofs out there. So of course, I found myself sitting down to watch this 2013 comedy from writer and director Ryan Humphries.<br/><br/>And while I managed to sit through the entire movie, I can&#39;t really say that this was a particularly enjoyable or entertaining movie, much less a funny one actually. Yet, I kept hanging in there, hoping that the movie would pick up its story and become funny. It just never happened. So yeah, you might want to do yourself a favor and skip on this movie.<br/><br/>The storyline was pretty straight forward, but it wasn&#39;t much of a spoof, little less much of any great comedy gem. There were a scene or two that managed to bring a smile to my lips, but that was about it. No laughs.<br/><br/>As for the acting in &quot;Not Another Sci-Fi Movie&quot;, well let&#39;s just say that you shouldn&#39;t consider yourself in for a grand spectacle of award-worthy performances. Sure, the acting performances were good enough, given the limitations of the script and storyline, but they weren&#39;t particularly noteworthy.<br/><br/>Visually, then the movie was adequate. Sure, it bore witness to being a low budget movie, but I will say that the props, sets and wardrobe was actually fair enough.<br/><br/>All in all, &quot;Not Another Sci-Fi Movie&quot; wasn&#39;t a great movie experience, and it most certainly is not one I would recommend you spending your time, money or effort on if you enjoy an entertaining comedy movie. My rating of the 2013 &quot;Not Another Sci-Fi Movie&quot; is a generous three out of ten stars.

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