Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure


Animation / Adventure

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Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox 1

Wow, if Keys To The Kingdom was not bad enough, Lionsgate actually has the nerve to give us a second sequel, and it&#39;s just as bad. The plot is basically Norm finds a human named Jin who crashed in the Artic trying to keep a Chinese artifact out of the hands of Dexter, a villainous archeologist. Jin has Norm promise if he does not make it, to take the artifact to his grandson, Chen, in Beijing, having Norm go on a quest while also keeping his promise to do his grandfather&#39;s wedding. Also, there&#39;s a B story where Quinn is acting king to help with wedding preparations, and he acts like a total jerk to everyone.<br/><br/>While the movie tries to teach kids a moral about keeping promises, it does not do well. The Lemmings are a bad rip-off of Chip and Dale, the B story is horrible and adds nothing to the plot, only being there to force the moral down our throats, and the humor is not funny. Your kids deserve better animated films than this garbage, so if you are a parent, steer clear of this king size abomination and buy something from Disney or Warner Bros.

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Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 7

If Pixar had done this I&#39;m sure it would have been a winner. But sadly it&#39;s not it&#39;s a time wasting loser of a film.The sheer noise and busyness of it may keep kids&#39; attentions but I don&#39;t think the story will make them think.Films and animations always have the unbelievable in, but this one has far too much that is beyond belief that it just becomes silly and foolish.I lasted 25 minutes before switching it off and tbh that&#39;s more than I should have invested in it.

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Reviewed by jaredbodas 10

These Norm of the North movies keep getting better and better with this one being a masterpiece of film-making it&#39;s to bad this wasn&#39;t shown in threaders and couldn&#39;t have seen this.

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