Nobody's Baby


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Reviewed by Rogue-32 7

Caught this on cable last night and loved it - how can you not love a film that has (a nearly-unrecognizable) Gary Oldman playing Buford Dill, yer basic sadsack Southern petty criminal with a rectal problem which causes him to go through a lot of Chapstick? (This must be seen to be appreciated.) One of the funniest and endearing characterizations of his brilliant career. And Skeet Ulrich, who rescues and slowly becomes irreparably attached to the baby of the title, is thoroughly believable as well. If you watch it, make sure you stay through the end titles, which feature Oldman and Mary Steenburgen line-dancing. (PS: The baby is adorable too.)

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Reviewed by merklekranz 7

Every once in awhile a film greatly exceeds your expectations. Such a film is "Nobody's Baby". Like "Fargo" it is very re-watchable, holds your interest throughout, offers plot twists, and genuine believable feelings from the wonderful cast. It is funny, with some shocking violence, and gratuitous nudity thrown in. There is also a philosophical side to the movie about doing what's right, even though you personally will suffer. I highly recommend "Nobody's Baby" to those who enjoy edgy films like "Clay Pigeons", "Red Rock West", "The Killing Time", "A Simple Plan", "Dumber Than Dirt", Breakdown", "Buffalo 66". - MERK

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Reviewed by jotix100 7

It was a real surprise to discover this film, that obviously went to video before it could have a theatrical release, or so it seems. David Seltzer&#39;s film deserved much better fate because it is a comedy with its heart in the right place.<br/><br/>How did this director/screen writer assemble this cast? The first thing that amazes is a Gary Oldman as we haven&#39;t seen him before. In fact, it takes a while to realize he is Buford! This actor is a chameleon as he shows in picture after picture. Buford depends on ChapSticks to relieve jean burns and never hesitates to borrow a tube from anyone at all!<br/><br/>The film shows the bond between Buford, the older convict, and Billy Raedeen, who met as children in an orphanage. Their friendship is something real, no matter where they might go, they&#39;ll be there for one another.<br/><br/>Skeet Ulrich&#39;s Billy was a role he was meant to play. Mr. Ulrich knows this guy and he gets a reprieve to make something out of his life when, by chance, he finds a baby in an automobile wreckage. This little baby will change his destiny, as Billy finds an extended family in the Nevada desert among misfits that welcome him into their little community.<br/><br/>Gary Oldman has one of the best moments of his career as Buford, the man who seems to be in permanent fog. He runs away with his role in a splashy performance. We get at the end a display of Mr. Oldman and Mary Steenburgen line dancing where both shine as gracious partners.<br/><br/>Radha Mitchell, Mary Steenburgen, Gordon Tootoosis, Anna Gunn, and the rest, make a great contribution to the film, under the tight direction of David Seltzer.

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