No Way to Treat a Lady


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Reviewed by bux 7

Coming hot off the heels of his Oscar winning role in 1967's "In the Heat of the Night" Steiger gives an acting tour-de-force in this tale of a demented serial killer tormenting a police officer. Steiger pulls out all the plugs as he slips into the persona of a Catholic priest, German plumber, simpering hair stylist...and all with great flare and comic over tones. Segal and Remick provide the love interest in a rather kooky way, and it all makes for great fun, in a serial killer movie!..Gotta see it!

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Reviewed by secondtake 7

No Way to Treat a Lady (1968)<br/><br/>A showpiece for Rod Steiger. He&#39;s a great actor, and he takes on the role of an actor taking on a variety of roles, one by one, as a killer with a few issues to work out. The other two people have full fledged roles but they end up secondary: Lee Remick marginally overacting a ditzy but charming young woman and George Segal in what might be the performance of his life as a low key detective.<br/><br/>Called a comic thriller by some, it hovers;s not a goofy comedy with thriller trappings like the 1960s Pink Panther movies, and it&#39;s not a thriller with some humor giving it humanity like much of Alfred Hitchcock&#39;s. So we flipflop from some really funny, if somewhat predictable, lines between the detective and his mother (about Jewish clichés) and some really chilling murder scenes, hammy but gruesome, too.<br/><br/>If you can rise to the surface and enjoy all the pieces as they come together, maybe swallowing a little during the overdone last ten minutes, it&#39;s a pretty intensely enjoyable farce and psychodrama.

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Reviewed by ragosaal 7

I&#39;ve seen lots of films dealing with psychos and serial killers, some excellent and others good, average or really bad. In my opinion, &quot;No Way to Treat a Lady&quot; is among the good ones and deserves more attention in the genre than that given to it.<br/><br/>A &quot;plus&quot; of the film is that you know right from the start, or almost, who the insane murderer is and yet it keeps interest and tension all the way to the end. Rod Steiger has much to do with it in a character rich in ingredients and different focuses in which he is excellent. The &quot;obsession with dead dominating mom&quot; is there too and has to do with the &quot;signature&quot; the killer leaves behind after each death and puts him in trouble at the end.<br/><br/>Pretty and talented Lee Remick is the main menaced damsel and George Segal plays the detective in charge of the case (yes, they get romantically involved in spite of the man&#39;s Jewish mother, a perfect -as usual- Eileen Heckart).<br/><br/>If you enjoy thrillers this is an unpretentious one to see. Not a classic or even a great one, but a good one in the genre.

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