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Reviewed by mjameson740 8

I just watched the film No Deposit at the ICFF Film Festival in Toronto, and was really impressed with this movie. I especially liked Michael Madsen, haven't seen him in many movies lately, but this is a role that he owns, probably one of his best roles to date next Reservoir Dogs, very gritty and complex. It's a simple movie with a great story, fantastic plot and a great cast of characters. It just goes to show you that independent films is where it's at, you do not need a lot of money to make a great movie. If you get a chance to watch this movie do so, it's coming out at Cineplex Theatres in Toronto June 19th and it's a must see!

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Reviewed by georgettabolan 9

Hi Guys, I watched the movie No Deposit last week and it was not bad at all. It is an independent movie and you have to remember that when you write a review, so please take that into account when you read my review. <br/><br/>I think this movie is very good. It was entertaining and captivating. I enjoyed the cast. Loved the script and extremely enjoyed the music. I would have liked to have seen more action, but the film as a whole was quite good.<br/><br/>For an independent movie, this movie is great, yes? you can see the low budget production here and there, but once you ignore it the movie is 80 minutes of pure entertaining.

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Reviewed by freddegarmo 9

So I have also watched No Deposit and like many of you, I also think this movie is very good. I have watched it with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it a lot.<br/><br/>First – the story itself is good. I like the way it is built, very realistic. Stories like that can happen to everyone in different kinds of levels and I felt sorry for Mickey when all his family turned him down when he needed them the most. I could feel his emotional state, and thought about his son and wanted to cry. I think he is a great actor. And talking about actors? then the whole cast was great. Last but not least – Loved the music.

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