Night Owls


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by EddieRade 7

For anyone who saw the movie I mentioned, The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, this movie will strike a clear resemblance. Sure, it has it's slight alterations to make it a little different and original, but the story itself is quite common. For who it may concern, I truly recommend seeing The Apartment first and then this one. You'll see the common ground on which the story revolves and the similarities that make this movie and the classic one bound. I'll end my review by saying that it's a good movie, in it's own right, very well acted and put together. Make this and the 1960's movie a duplex with your loved one around these holidays. You won't regret it.

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6

Kevin (Adam Pally) is looking to have a hot drunken one-night stand. Madeline (Rosa Salazar) takes him to a house but he discovers that it&#39;s the home of his boss, famed football coach Will Campbell. He calls Peter who informs him that she&#39;s Will&#39;s mistress. Peter tells him to keep her there until he arrives in the morning. She has taken pills but Peter stops him from calling the ambulance.<br/><br/>This is mostly a two-person play. It&#39;s a low budget indie taking place almost entirely in a house. It rely solely on the two actors and their connection with each other. There is a good back and forth, but it never feels unwritten. It probably would serve well to have some music or a traveling montage or an excursion. It starts to feel a bit claustrophobic hanging out in that house for the whole movie. Overall, it&#39;s nice work.

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Reviewed by marby53-1 9

A one night stand with an agenda. Both actors are excellent--combining great physical comedy with characters who are interesting and real. <br/><br/>On the surface this is a movie about jealousy and revenge but within that shell we get to know two people who fall into the category of those that get used and one character, who is not present until the last scene, who is a master at using.<br/><br/>As soon as I saw this i started looking for other films with Rosa Salazar. This is the only thing I found that showcases her substantial acting chops. <br/><br/>If I&#39;m fair Adam Pally is just as good as Salazar but being a guy I was slightly more captivated by her.<br/><br/>If you can enjoy a movie without guns, super heroes or car chases you should check this out. You don&#39;t have to be a hopeless romantic but it would probably help.

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